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How to be a “Fixer Upper”

I discovered the program, Fixer Upper, on HGTV and now I am hooked.

fixer upper

Chip and Joanna Gaines own and operate Magnolia Homes, a remodeling and design business based in Waco, Texas. The show “Fixer Upper” shows the process by which this amazing couple turn dilapidated but potential-rich houses into amazing showplaces. These two are helping revitalize whole neighborhoods throughout central Texas.

They show clients a series of houses based on the client’s total budget for purchase and renovation. Typically, the houses are the worse houses in otherwise good neighborhoods. However, sometimes they go off on a tangent and take a real chance, always it seems, with incredible success.

This show actually has me wondering if I should move to Texas on the off chance I’d be lucky enough to have this amazing team remodel a house for me. Maybe someday!

Chip manages the demolition, construction, and realty side of Magnolia and Joanna is the lead designer. I think she is brilliant as a designer. The tears and looks on their client’s faces during the big reveal says it all. And the couple play off each other in a manner that is very humorous, entertaining, and wholesome. I also like how they include their children in their remodeling business.

Chip and Joanna also act as part-time counselors to clients who can’t always initially see a homes true potential through the current damage or blemishes. This dynamic duo saves homes that look beyond redemption by renovating them, and revealing them as the forever-homes they were intended to be. Sometimes, they do get into the unexpected “oops,” but always find some way to make it work. I have been total amazed at the work they do and have also learned a great deal about renovations. The show is very educational.

I find very little worth watching on television these days, but this show is certainly an exception. I give it a 6 out of 5 Star Rating and highly recommend it to anyone. It is good on so many levels that anyone can find something to enjoy. You really need to check this program out. I don’t know what HGTV’s plans are, but this is one program I hope they continue for awhile.

6 Important Lessons Learned From Watching American Television

Desperate Housewives (season 4)
Desperate Housewives (season 4) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

American Television and our mass media is rotting the brains of America.  Reality TV, Honey Boo Boo, Desperate Housewives!  I mean  … what the heck is this crap!!  The drive-by media’s incestuous love fest with Obama and ongoing refusal to report any actual “news” is so blatant its is laughable!   The deaths of American Border Patrol Agents, Ambassadors, and former Navy SEALS is not news worthy, but Hillary Clinton‘s double-speak about how the “buck stops with her … but it is somehow not her fault” gets glowing, supportive, understanding, and extremely favorable reporting …. lies, flip-flops, and half-truths get swallowed hook, line and sinker while real news gets swept under the rug!  It makes me sick to my stomach!

Radical Islamists are right about one thing … our media is destroying our country’s morality and national ethic. It is just like the phenomenon that occurred when Barbie dolls came out !  All the cool girls wanted to be just like Barbie!  The result … eating disorders … anorexia and bulimia!

No wonder our kids are growing up dumb and  so many American adults are becoming dumber; our TV news and entertainment are dumb!  It is rotting our brains! Garbage in means garbage out!  And now … Americans have gotten so dumb they can’t work, they can’t create, they can’t even think!  Too many Americans have been reduced to relying on the Obama administration’s stealing the money  from the few Americans who actually still can stand on their own two feet …. and redistributing it to those we have allowed to be brainwashed into stupidity!

Oops … my bad, that’s what Obama and his media lap-dogs call  “rasing taxes on the rich so they pay their fair share.”  Damn …. I didn’t even know I was rich!  My taxes went up this month!  Glad I finally know the truth ….

Folks, we have reaped what we have sown!

Here are the six important lessons Americans learn from watching modern American television!

  1. Material Wealth = Self Esteem!
  2. Pretend you are wealthy!
  3. Follow all fashion trends no matter how ridiculous they look!
  4. Cheating on your spouse is cool!
  5. Screw your neighbor!
  6. Extreme violence is fun to watch!

No wonder more and more kids self-destruct as they reach adulthood!  God Save Us All!