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3 Years and 8 Months: Still George Bush’s Fault!!

Blame George Bush
Another original Obama supporter’s idea: Blame George Bush …

walthe310 says:

George W. Bush did what you accuse the Obamas of doing and he did it first.

So …. what is your point? Is it that two wrongs make a right?  Sorry Dude.  That just does not wash!

George W. Bush was not a conservative Republican.  He would probably be considered a moderate, or maybe even a liberal, Republican.  Did he spend too much money?  Absolutely he did!  That is not an excuse for Obama’s tripling down on the same bad fiscal policies!  Especially after attacking Bush for excessive spending … even calling it unpatriotic (Obama’s words; not mine)!

And, by the way, the Tea Party is fighting for  “Fiscal Responsibility”  for the whole government!  That includes all Americans: African-AmericansWhite-Americans, Mexican-Americans, Italian-Americans, German-Americans, Indian-Americans, Iraqi-Americans, Hispanic-Americans, Greek-Americans, American-Americans, Martian invader-Americans, Swedish Swimsuit Model-Americans, Conservative-Americans, and yes, even Liberal-Americans … which, according to Pelosi, Obama, Reid, and Debbie Wasserman-SHULTZ, etc;  makes the Tea Party racist!  Can you follow the logic in that?

Did George Bush use Executive Orders a bit too often.  He did!  Again, that does not excuse Obama’s tripling down on the same … or Obama’s creating a shadow government of radical Czars (his mostly communist cronies who answer to nobody), or Obama’s repeatedly by-passing the Congress to inflict increased regulation or bad economic policy by imperial fiat, or sneaking through legislation that the majority of people of this country had already rejected on principle.  Again … after attacking Bush … and calling Bush’s presidency imperialistic!  Bush’s imperialism pales on comparison to Obama’s!

So by your logic, we should excuse James Eagan Holmes who killed 12 and wounded 58 in Aurora, Co; because Jame Edward Plough killed 11 and wounded 6 in Jacksonville, Fl.

And finally, a major difference … George W. Bush did not actively seek to ignore or even destroy the U.S. Constitution, or to eliminate American’s individual rights by putting American citizens under the control of the United Nations, or to create an unsustainable socialist nanny-state by promising “free Bush money” to anyone foolish enough to drink the cool aid and vote for him.  Obama has done all those things and more.

So I ask you, when our country goes bankrupt … and you don’t actually get the “free Obama money” you have been promised by Our Anointed Emporer, Barack Hussein Obama; because he simply hasn’t got it … are you going to riot in the streets, smash windows, and burn small businesses and private property … like the entitlement-zombies did in Greece?  Are you still going to chant the same tired old mantra “Blame George Bush” because Obama did not keep his foolish and irresponsible promises to you?

You know …  I bet you will!

Hoffa says “take these son-of-a-bitches out!”

Tea Party protesters fill the National Mall on...
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Jimmy Hoffa, Jr?   What a joke!!  Hoffa said that the Tea Party was engaging on a “war on workers” and that the teamsters would “remember in November” which lawmakers were for or against the president’s agenda. 

Well, there is no doubt that the Tea Party is against the president’s agenda!  But how is that a “war on workers” or; could Hoffa simply be a left-wing political hack (a useful idiot) who is “not letting the facts get in the way of a good story?”

Let’s look at some facts … shall we?

It is time to get over blaming everyone and everything under the sun except “the anointed one.” Obama’s policies, his stimulus, his shovel-ready jobs have all been dismal failures; and have not created jobs or economic recovery.  While he runs up miles on his golf cart and vacations at Martha’s Vineyard, my 401(k) just keeps on shrinking.  Pretty soon it will be invisible!  Yet, Barack and Michele Obama take separate (yes … I said separate) jets to and from Martha’s Vineyard because they cannot even bother to coordinate travel times in this “tough” economy. But … hey … that’s what tax payer’s dollars are for, right?

Most of the not nearly enough jobs created recently have been created thanks to Tea Party states like Texas.  Where was Hoffa when Obama banned oil drilling in the Gulf? Who hauls oil rig construction parts, oil and petroleum products?  American truckers do … that’s who! Where was Hoffa when Obama start regulating coal mines out of existence?  Who hauls coal around in this country?  Truckers do … that’s who! What about this proposed pipe line from Canada to the U.S. that Obama’s administration won’t approve?  Who would haul all the materials, parts, etc. for a project that would create thousands of jobs and stabilize American energy resources?  American truckers … that’s who!  More than three years have passed since the $700 billion dollar stimulus. Unemployment and foreclosures are still at record highs!  67% of Americans disapprove of the job Obama is doing!  ZERO jobs created in August. 74% of Americans disapprove of Obama’s handling of the economy! 

The fact is that Obama’s administration is explosively disintegrating and the last weapon  the progressive-liberals have in their arsenal for their panicky efforts to stay in power is to blame the Tea Party (since “blame the Jews” has already been taken) for everything.  Therefore, Hoffa says unions have to “take out” the Tea Party “sons of bitches” and Vice-president Biden (who, by the way, along with Obama … took an oath to uphold and defend the Constitution) refers to Tea Party members again as terrorists and now also as “barbarians.”  I guess Biden does support violence against those with whom he disagrees.

Obama and his administration just do not understand the economics of this nation.  His “job creation” speech on Thursday will undoubtedly contain new government programs to “stimulate shovel-ready” jobs.  Of course, he will not use those words because they have been tainted by his past failures (or successes … depending on what you believe his motivation is).  His “enlightened” administration will have found new “code words” for the same old big-government crap and they will have poll-tested them to measure them against the typical American voter’s gullibility level!  But, whatever he proposes … it will increase the deficit and cause higher taxes, because they simply do not get it! The American economy is driven by private sector and small business jobs … not by having everyone work for the government! Despite the statements of his “oh so smart” administration and cabinet officials; food stamps and unemployment are simply not job creation programs!

Jon Faraci, CEO of International Paper told CNBC that “to create jobs what we need is demand. This economy is 70 percent consumer driven, so we need consumers spending some of their discretionary income if we’re going to have demand that’s going to lead to more jobs.”

John Schiller, chairman and CEO of Energy XXI, said that “if the government would get out-of-the-way, from a regulation standpoint, and let us [XXI] do what we do good you’ll see us continue to hire and grow this economy.”

Obama’s lack of leadership and ideological driven agenda are killing the nation! This is not a racist comment or racism … it is simply pointing out bad policy.  Obama’s policies would be bad if he was white, red, yellow, green, or purple with pink polka dots!  The truth is that the people who want to scream RACISM anytime anyone disagrees with Obama in any way … are actually the racists.  They simply cannot get past blaming everything on racism. They cannot see that Obama is simply the worst president ever elected. And the Tea Party is certainly not to blame for that!!

The Tea Party is fighting to balance our budget, restore some common sense to government spending habits, and create economic growth through producing private sector jobs.  What happens to the government-funded infrastructure improvement jobs when the job is done or the program fund runs dry? The job goes away!!  Government jobs simply do not create sustainable growth and they REQUIRE higher taxes to pay for all the new government employees and/or programs!  Private sector jobs based on demand continue to produce and grow … and produce still more jobs!  That is how freedom and capitalism work hand-in-hand!  It does require some personal initiative, imagination, and acceptance of personal responsibility … some things progressive-liberals seem to be pretty short of.

Let me tell you something!  Jimmy Hoffa, Jr. takes hard-earned money from hard-working union members and then uses it to schmooze with Obama and his elitist cronies, supporting the very same left-wing politicians and their socialist economic policies that are killing this country and its economy!  He screams their socialist slogans like a paid lapdog … because he wants the power he hope it will give him.  When the economy is thriving, truckers are working, and things are going well … Jimmy Hoffa, Jr. loses power!

So … I agree … we do need to take the “son-of-a-bitches” out!  We just need to be sure who the son-of-a-bitches really are!!  When are union members going to wake up and realize the Tea Party is not your enemy!  Gangsters and communists in your organizations are the real enemy.  They are not out for you … the little guy!  They are simply out for amassing power and getting rich.  How much does Jimmy Hoffa make?  What does he do that really protects your interests?  Have you been to Detroit lately?  Detroit was once the automobile manufacturing center of the world.  It is now a wasteland!  Do you think the Tea Party caused that to?  Who do you think “collectively bargained” those jobs right out of existence?

Maxine Waters: Enemy of the State!

Maxine waters
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One wonders where these crazy, illogical, left-wing ideologues come from.  Maxine Waters, recently speaking to a group of about a thousand of her supporters stated that “The Tea Party can go straight to hell” and that she would be there to help it happen.  I keep wondering where those “tolerant” liberals have all gone to?

There is no logic to any of their hate or vitriol.  A black man spoke up and complained he was once a successful architect, with a big home,and a Porsche 911 Carrera; and now he lives out of his back pack!  He blames the Tea Party!  How is the Tea Party responsible for his misfortune? 

California is hardly a Tea Party state!  Radical liberal politicians (like Maxine Waters) have driven thinking, solid, hard-working Californians right out of the state with their crazy regulations, oppressive taxes, and “social justice” policies.   California is approaching bankruptcy and losing jobs even faster than Texas, a conservative state, is creating them.  There is simply nobody in California with the money to buy the homes or buildings that poor black architect might design!  Any Californians with money and sense are leaving in droves!  There are leaving for states like Texas … run by Tea Party-type people!   The truth is that this former black architect (if indeed that is what he really was) should look Maxine Waters dead-square in the eyes and ask her,”Why did your policies do this to me?”   Sadly, that will never happen because as I have often said, “Liberals never let the facts get in the way of a good story.”  

Politicians like Maxine Waters ignore facts, point fingers, and scream poisonous lies to anyone who will listen and is not intelligent enough to see through them.  They do this to cover for their own incompetence and to get reelected … because to their mindless loyal minions they are heroes!

Blame the Tea Party!  They scream and rant pure nonsense … and useful idiots listen.  Although progressive, left-wing liberals like to compare conservatives to Nazis, in truth, it is the vitriolic rantings of people like Maxine Waters that actually does have an eerie and uncanny resemblance to nazis propaganda.  “Blame the Tea Party” is not too far removed from “Blame die Juden!”

Tea Party members have at least offered several “plans” for fixing the economic crisis we face as a nation.  One plan was even based on recommendations by Obama‘s own experts.  What plan has Maxine Waters put forward?  None!  How does her vitriolic ranting and blame game help this country?  It doesn’t! 

But then … hey … why let the truth get in the way of a good story!

Five Things The Liberal Left Do Not Want You To Know ABout the S&P Credit Downgrade!

1)  The liberal left says the S&P downgrade had to do with the Tea Party not wanting to raise taxes.  They hope you don’t read this:

  • Standard & Poor’s takes no position on the mix of spending and revenue measures that Congress and the Administration might conclude is appropriate for putting the U.S.’s finances on a sustainable footing.

2)  Despite the liberal left’s positon, it’s not just about taxes.  S&P prominently criticizes the political impossibilities of containing growth in public spending and reforming entitlements.  Is that the tea party’s fault too?

  • We lowered our long-term rating on the U.S. because we believe that the prolonged controversy over raising the statutory debt ceiling and the related fiscal policy debate indicate that further near-term progress containing the growth in public spending, especially on entitlements, or on reaching an agreement on raising revenues is less likely than we previously assumed and will remain a contentious and fitful process.

3)   S&P noted that the debt ceiling deal didn’t raise the debt limit far enough.  Most folks should certainly recognize that as the Tea Party’s position!

  • We also believe that the fiscal consolidation plan that Congress and the Administration agreed to this week falls short of the amount that we believe is necessary to stabilize the general government debt burden by the middle of the decade.

4)  Along with the deepness of the recession, the sluggishly terrible Obama “recovery” was another reason for their negative position.  Is the Tea Party responsible for the Obama’s failed economic policies too?

  • First, the revisions show that the recent recession was deeper than previously assumed, so the GDP this year is lower than previously thought in both nominal and real terms. Consequently, the debt burden is slightly higher. Second, the revised data highlight the sub-par path of the current economic recovery when compared with rebounds following previous post-war recessions. We believe the sluggish pace of the current economic recovery could be consistent with the experiences of countries that have had financial crises in which the slow process of debt deleveraging in the private sector leads to a persistent drag on demand. As a result, our downside case scenario assumes relatively modest real trend GDP growth of 2.5% and inflation of near 1.5% annually going forward.

5)  They might downgrade us again if they see “less reduction in spending” than was agreed to.  Of course we all know the Tea Party is also responsible for not cutting spending enough!

  • The outlook on the long-term rating is negative. We could lower the long-term rating to ‘AA’ within the next two years if we see that less reduction in spending than agreed to, higher interest rates, or new fiscal pressures during the period result in a higher general government debt trajectory than we currently assume in our base case.

Compromise My $#&!!

When are republican congressional representatives going to quit selling out their own country?  This debt compromise is nothing but a sick joke and any Republican who points to it and says proudly, “look what we did,” should be fired on the spot. 

This “wonderful” compromise cuts $2 trillion dollars over the next 10 years (which is meaningless to an administration that ignores the rules of law).  But … just suppose … even if the administration were to actually stick with it; the government is now overspending about $1.5 trillion per year.  Let’s do the math!  Shall we?

$1.5 trillion (now over spending) x 10 years = $15 trillion

$15 trillion – $2 trillion (wonderful debt compromise) = $13 trillion (Hmmmm!)

So, in 10 years and after this compromise, we will be an additional $13 trillion in debt.  Now … that is what I call real debt reduction!! 

Obama‘s own debt commission, the Simpson-Bowles Commission on debt reduction, recommended at least a $4 trillion reduction in debt.  Incidentally, this is also what S&P  was looking for to NOT LOWER OUR COUNTRY’S CREDIT RATING! 

Of course Obama, being Omniscient and Omnipotent, ignored his own debt commission.  But, what the hell … that’s no problem for Obama; his media machine  just blamed it all on the Tea Party … and we all know Americans are too stupid to see through even such an obvious lie!  Just ask Al Gore, Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, Barney Frank, Chuck Schumer, or John Kerry!  They have a long history of success with dispensing the Cool Aid to non-thinking Americans.

Paul Ryan did not ignore Obama’s debt commission … his plan was basically based on it.  He simply added language for a balanced budget amendment.  The reaction by progressive-liberal leaders to Ryan’s plan was really something to behold … wailing, tearing of clothes, gnashing of teeth, yanking hair out by the roots, demagoguery!  I think Nancy Pelosi’s head spun 360 degrees on her neck and verbal green bile spewed forth from her mouth.

And, of course, progressive-liberals rolled out their usual list of lies about Republicans wanting to kick autistic babies, the mentally challenged, and tottering old grandmothers out into the streets to block any truly meaningful and fiscally responsible compromise.  And so … here we are today … still up to our national eyebrows in a debt which is still increasing at a dangerous rate. 

The really funny thing is that, when the U.S. actually does go bankrupt from these fiscally irresponsible, progressive-liberal economic policies; autistic babies, the mentally challenged, and tottering old grandmothers actually will be in the streets and we will have feral, entitlement-addicted youths rioting in the streets like Great Britain has.  We will be “exceptional;” just like they are; just like Obama wants!  

But … again, it will all be OK … we will just blame the Tea Party!  WaHahahaha!

RINOs and corporatist Republicans do not seem to get it; that you cannot compromise with an opposing “win at any cost” mentality. Especially when those compromises consistently take you closer to your own demise.  It is like jumping off a sky scraper and then trying to compromise about whether you hit the sidewalk in 5, 7, or 10 seconds.  Does it really matter?

When will Obama step up and be a man?

It is interesting to me how the current administration is so child-like in its actions.  One of the signs a child is becoming an adult is the willingness to accept responsibility for one’s own actions.  In light of the recent U.S. credit rating downgrade, democrats are scurrying to place the blame wherever they can.  Barney Frank, famous for his part in the Fannie May/ Freddie Mac fiasco, is blaming the U.S. military.  John Kerry, Howard Dean, and David Axelrod are, of course, blaming the “terrorist” organization known as the Tea Party (which while expected, is so blatently absurd it defies comprehension).  

The Tea Party conservatives are the only ones who offered any real plans to fix the problem;  i.e. Cut, Cap, and Balance and Mack’s Penny Plan.  The Tea Party has consistently fought against the dangerous borrowing and out-of-control spending  by both the  spend-happy Democrats and the fiscally irresponsible Republicans, that have caused this problem. 

The current administration (as in Obama’s administration), would hear none of it!!!

Back when our schools actually taught reading, writing, mathematics, and some personal integrity (rather than simply how to get by and work the government entitlement system), even an eight-grader would have realized that you cannot borrow 40 cents of every dollar you spend for very long without creating disasterous results.

It is interesting to note that S&P never mentioned a “lack of revenue or more taxes” problem; but was clearly focused on America’s sky-rocketing debt and out-of-control spending.  S&P had also let it be known that if  Congress could pass $4 trillion in real spending cuts, say as in CUT, CAP, AND BALANCE, the government could have avoided the credit rating downgrade!  And a furious Obama, in his day-late and dollar-short press conference, lashed out at S&P for trying to sabotage his presidency. 

The fact is that a year ago, Obama’s own Simpson-Bowles Debt Commission recommended many of the same measures included in the Cut, Cap & Balance plan, but of course Obama, being Omniscient, would not listen.  Instead we got this ludicris “compromise” in which the “proposed budget cuts” included in the plan were wiped out in one day of government spendng.  Democrats are just so good at playing the blame game!  Here are some more examples:

  • Obama blames wrangling for “downgrade”
  • Obama blames Reagan for America’s debt and out-of-control spending
  • Obama blames ATMS for high unemployment
  • Obama blames Arab Spring and Tsunami in Japan for lack of jobs
  • Obama blames YOU for high gas prices
  • Obama blames lazy oil companies for America’s energy shortfall
  • Obama blames Congress for Jobs
  • Obama blames U.S. high schools for dissing him
  • Obama blames everyone else on oil prices
  • Obama blames Bush, media and American consumers for craptastic economy
  • Obama blames everyone for everything

Hmmm! I am begining to see a trend here … can you? 

I did read that Obama is talking to a former Reagon aid (an expert on using trickle-down Reagonomics) to fix the debt problem … hmmmm!