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July 4th, 2019: 243 Years of American Exceptionalism

The 4th of July is just around the corner. Take a minute and think about what that means, and think about how many patriots gave their lives so that we have the opportunities we do have as Americans.

America is a land of equal opportunity. Nobody has the right to tell you how to live, what you can be, how you have to think, what you can say, or whether or not you can protect yourself or your loved ones.

In this country, you have the opportunity to be whatever you choose to be. Yes, you may fail a few times. But you get to pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and try again.

That is America. And, it is an America we all need to fight to protect from enemies both foreign and domestic.

Anyway, that’s my political 2 cents for the day.

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July 4th

Award Winning Author Gives Serpents Underfoot Five Stars!

Award winning Author, Lee Boyland, says Serpents Underfoot is a good first novel.

Yesterday, I noticed that Serpents Underfoot had received another review, so naturally I went to check it out and discovered I had gotten another 5 Star review. This time from an award-winning author, Lee Boyland,  Lee has several books out on Amazon.com. Check some of his titles out here!


Lee Boyland’s Review

I posted Lee Boyland’s review here in its entirety. It really made me feel good to get this review and I am certainly working hard to improve my style in future works. Thank you, Lee, for your honest review. It is certainly appreciated.


The story begins in 1966 in Vietnam and fills the first six chapters, then moves back to the US. A young US Army lieutenant is thrown from a helicopter inserting a patrol, injured, and then rescued by a Vietnamese girl who returns to the US as his bride. At this point the story transitions to their son, a US Navy SEAL. The author does a good job of describing the real Vietnam war on the ground, the inhuman crimes committed, not by the US but by the Vietcong and North Vietnam army. Hope some of the flower children now running the country read these chapters.

Other reviewers have discussed the plot and in a couple of instances the books grammar and style. Monday morning quarterbacks who should attempt to write a novel. I am sure the author’s style will improve with future works. For me, the story is the important thing. Is the plot feasible? Are the characters believable? Is the action realistic? In this novel they all are.

Smuggling ten small nuclear devices across our border is possible, however, the “suite case nukes” in the story would not be 2 KT. Considering their source, a yield of .3 to .5 KT would realistic. This said, a .4 KT nuclear detonation in a city would be catastrophic. Such small devices exist and in the US are referred to as SADMs, small atomic demolition munitions for use by Special Forces behind enemy lines.

Isn’t that an awesome review?

You can get your copy of Serpents Underfoot (Kindle) here, or paperback here. I would love to hear what you think of the book!

It is also available online from Barnes and Noble as well as Books-A-Million

Wonderful! Another 5 Stars for Serpents Underfoot!

First, a short preamble!


I first became acquainted with Cristina Pugh a few months ago. Cristina’s late husband, Johnny F. Pugh, is the author of Through Smoke-Teared Eyes: The Vietnam War I Fought. Cristina contacted me through Authors.com. She asked if I’d read her late husband’s book and perhaps post a short review of it online.

I did so and a few weeks later, posted my review of her late husband’s book on Amazon.com. This is a wonderful and amazing book. In addition, it is a winner of several awards! I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to understand the infantryman’s experience during the Vietnam War. You can read my review here if you would like to.

Yesterday, I received a wonderful surprise!

Cristina wrote a wonderful Five Star review of Serpents Underfoot on Amazon.com calling it

“An intelligent current-day spy novel with a love story that dates back to the Vietnam War.”

You can read the entire review here. I have included an excerpt:


In summary, Serpents Underfoot is a very well-written novel that exhibits Gilbert’s passion for and extensive knowledge of military history, martial arts and spy sagas. It quite effectively blends these themes with terrorist threats from well-financed middle-eastern extremists and current-day foreign government meddling into controlling and financing United States presidential campaigns. Any reader who loves spy novels combined with an exotic love story that goes back decades will certainly enjoy this book. D.C. Gilbert is currently working on a sequel to this, his first work of fiction, and I am looking forward to reading more by this very talented and skilled author.

Cristina Pugh

All I can say, Cristina, is thank you for the wonderful review. I am so glad you enjoyed the book.

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Twitter Marketing for Aspiring Authors

Self-published indie authors are always looking for new ways to market themselves and their books. There are several social media tools available for this purpose. Instagram is one such tool that I covered in an earlier post. Twitter is another.

Can you use Twitter to market your book(s)?

Like with Instagram, the short answer is … yes. You certainly can. However, again like Instagram, you do have to understand a few key things going in to it.

Unlike Instagram, with Twitter, your post can link directly to your book’s page on Amazon.com or any other web page you choose. You will probably still not generate a lot of sales tweeting away on Twitter, but you will generate some. However, like Instagram, Twitter is a valuable tool for establishing yourself as an author and networking with other indie authors, publishers, or editors … sharing ideas, experiences, and writing tips as well as promoting your book in those same circles.

While Instagram is more visual, Twitter is about crafting a clever message in 280 characters. You can include images (and I usually do) but the real trick here is to try to get the reader to click the link in the tweet. Below are a few sample Tweets I created and sent out into the Twit-O-Sphere!

Note the hashtags …


Again, it is about putting your name and your work in front of a growing audience in a way that builds your brand recognition and establishes you as an author to be remembered. And, like I stated earlier, you may actually even sell a few books.


Other aspects to consider on Twitter

  • Hashtags – Use hashtags before relevant keywords in your tweet to categorize tweets and help them show up in Twitter searches. Clicking or tapping on a hash-tagged word in any tweet displays other Tweets that include that hashtagHashtags can be included anywhere in a Tweet. Examples: #SerpentsUnderfoot #AdirondackBearTales #writingcommunity #amwriting
  • Tags – You can also tag a specific Twitter handle to ensure that user gets the Tweet in their feed. Examples: @darrencgilbert @AdirondackAlmanac.

    This is very basic. There are some other, trickier aspects to using the @ sign in a Tweet. For more information on using the @ symbol in Tweets, just click this link here!

Twitter also has some strong and welcoming communities for writers and readers. These folks are always willing to share ideas, critiques, etc. There are groups that run little writing contests based on “prompt words” that can help you improve your writing skills … especially since you only have 280 characters!

So, jump in and get started! Join the writing community, try your hand at a few word prompts, and mostly … have fun.

One last thought …

Don’t get caught up in the race for followers. You will have offers to grow your following by the thousands … for a fee of course. Let your following grow naturally. It is far better to have 300 followers that are really interested in you and your work, than to have 3000 followers you paid for and who don’t give a rat’s ass about what you are doing.

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Starve a Cold and Feed a Fever

Or, is it Feed a cold and starve a fever?

I was never quite sure which it was. And, since I have spent the last few days battling a cold, or maybe the flu, I decided to check. It seems starving is never correct! A well-balanced diet can help you stay healthy and defeat either a cold or a fever! How about that? This is really good new for me because I hate to starve!

Other possible remedies

I was certainly relieved to read I did not have to starve to beat whatever it is I am dealing with. But, being a bit bored, I still looked for a few other possible cold remedies. I came across a few others that might be worth trying … or not.

The Naval Cure (I like this one)


An author friend of mine, D (Joe) Guy, who writes fascinating tales of of romance, love and tragedy with an Italian twist is a retired Navy man. He told me they had a sure-fire cure for any cold in the Navy. You just get a bottle of good whiskey, some honey and some lemons. Then you throw away the honey and the lemons and drink the whiskey!

Cold Wet Socks?

This one did not sound very appealing to me, but many people claim it does work. All you do is soak your feet in hot water for about three minutes. Next, you wet a pair of cotton anklet socks with cold water and put them on. Then, you put thick wool socks on over those and go to bed.

Supposedly, while you sleep, the blood vessels in your cold feet will constrict and push good nutrients up to your organs to help fight the infection. Then, as your feet start to adjust and warm up, your blood vessels will dilate and help send all the “junk” from your organs into your bloodstream, allowing your body to remove it naturally.

Not sure I want to try this one, but hey … who knows? MindBodyGreen.com

Get Down to Your Local Chipotle


Chili peppers, it seems, are what you need when you have a cold. I might be willing to try this one since I don’t have to starve and I do like spicy food!

ABCNews claims this works because chilis contain a compound called capsaicin which is an irritant as well as the thing that makes them spicy.

I guess, if you are all stuffed up, it does kind of make sense to eat something that will make your nose run and your eyes water. So, have some hot wings, spicy chili, some Korean BBQ, or hot Mexican dish. Or, maybe some chili powder in your tea or brownies. Chilis are nature’s remedy for congestion.

Okay then!

I tried the Naval Cure and I now feel a little better. Therefore, I am done with the whole cold-battling thing. I may have one more snort and then crawl off to bed.

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And remember, my two really awesome books for sale on amazon.com. Both are available in Kindle and paperback and both are getting great reviews! Serpents Underfoot (A Military Action Thriller) and Adirondack Bear Tales (True Life Adirondack Bear Encounters). I would be honored to have you read one or both of them. Remember to let me know what you think.

Warning: Doing This May Improve Your Blogging skills.

Improve Your Blogging skills

improve your blogging skillsHow do you begin to improve your blogging skills?

I began blogging some years ago, But to be truthful about it, I have only gotten serious about doing so over the last year.  This is probably because I recently I published my first novel, Serpents Underfoot.  As a self-published author, I need all the marketing help I can get. Therefore, I decided it was important to improve my blogging skills and my blog’s content. This is all part of a concerted effort to attract more readers and hopefully, being a writer, sell a few more books. I looked at a few resources such as books or articles on blogging, etc. Nothing really caught my eye.

I then had a brilliant idea! I began looking at some of the more successful bloggers I have come into contact with over the last few years. One blogger really stood out.

Cristian Mihai

I have been following Cristian Mihai for some time now. I have communicated back and forth with Cristian on several occasions now. He was even kind enough to do a review of my novel. But, more to the point, Cristian’s blog posts are always great. They are insightful, motivational, educational, and they are always will written. I enjoy reading them and have learned  a great deal about blogging and writing from doing so.

Therefore, I Made a Decision …

I decided to take Cristian Mihai up on one of his mentoring offers. While we have just gotten started, I am already very happy I did. I received Cristian’s “initial impressions” analysis of my blog  a couple of days ago. First, let me say it was direct. Cristian pulls no punches. As I read through his notes, I kept finding myself nodding and agreeing with his initial comments. There were several “can you say duh” moments in there as well. Thankfully, Cristian also pointed out a few things I was doing quite well, so I was not completely shattered. Just kidding!. His comments right on the mark and I am already implementing several of his suggestions.

I am really looking forward to the improvements that will be coming over the next weeks and months. Just the initial comments were a great start. Some of the suggestions will certainly take a bit of time to develop and implement, but rest assured, they will be. I have no doubt of that. They just make too much sense!


Race to Amazing, by Krista S. Moore

Get in the Race to Amazing

race to successI received an advance copy of Krista S. Moore’s new book, Race to Amazing. I found her ideas on coaching and professional and personal success refreshing and interesting, And, perhaps even more importantly, actionable!

Sales is an adapt or fail kind of business. To be successful as a leader in sales, you must consistently bring your “A Game.” You are in a race! There is a finish line. Waiting at that finish line is professional and personal success. Krista S. Moore has successfully run that race, and now wants to share her knowledge and experience with you  as a professional and personal success coach..

Success can have its pitfalls. One of the adages Krista S. Moore learned early on is that when you feel like you have your business all figured out and you think you have all the answers, you’re probably at the beginning of  a downward slide. She writes that at this point you, if you are not careful, you will lose focus, stagnate, become complacent and unproductive. And sadly, too often for many of us, our personal success is tied to our professional success. It is indeed a dangerous place to be in both business and personal life.

Get in the race!

There is good news! You can begin a process of self-discovery that reignites your drive to professional greatness. And, with a well-planned course of action, you may find that you achieve success in both your professional and personal goals together. I was especially intrigued by one particular technique Krista uses to help her clients rediscover their passion and get them back in the race.

What was your dream when you were 10-years-old?

Krista explored this concept in her earlier book, Your 10-Year-Old Self. In this first book, Krista explores the powerful process of going backwards to help you move yourself forward. The idea is to rediscover your authentic self, who you are at your core; before peer pressure and social influences caused you to lose sight of who you are. The idea is to rediscover your passion, dreams, and desires, so you can “play forward” with real purpose and meaning in your life. According to Krista Moore, you need to let you 10-year old self shine through!

Race to Amazing

In her soon-to-be-released book, Race to Amazing, Krista S. Moore goes still further in her efforts to help you win your personal race to amazing. This second book will guide you as you work to develop that well-planned course of action mentioned earlier. Whatever your goals are, this book can help you achieve them. To reach your successful sales leader goals, you must first get in the race; whether this race is against a competitor, to a title, a new position, or even against the fears and doubts that hold you back. And, you must be in the race to win. Krista S. Moore will be there to guide you as you work your way through her unique, successful, and proven approach to individual development.

Race to Amazing will help you to:

• Gain clarity on what exactly your vision of success is, and what obstacles lay in your path.
• Develop an open and honest relationship with yourself through personal reflection and self-discovery.
• Discover who you are and who you really from life.
• Learn to “own it” and look squarely are where you are today, how you got there, and what you need to do to move forward.
• “Go deeper” in your self-discovery process to find your real purpose, meaning, and passion, and how you can improve your own life by serving others.
• “Play big” from your positions of strength and to take calculated risks that achieve results.

Race to Amazing contains all the tools you need succeed in your exciting new journey of self-discovery and your race to the top. Best of all, you will not be alone while running this race. Included within the pages of this soon-to-be-released book are links to additional tools and resources, and links to develop new friends and fans. You will develop a support network spurring you on to continued growth, inspiration, and motivation.

Race to Amazing is a book that can help you achieve a life of personal greatness.