Bullies: A Very Valuable Lesson!

Judy Guion published a post on her blog, “Greatest Generation” Life Lessons, that really struck a chord with me. The bullying that goes on today has reached epic proportions. In fact, today we have a new special breed of bullies! We have adults, people who are supposedly intelligent and rational, people who are supposedly journalists,…


character assassination

Character Assassination vs. Death Penalty

Character assassination has become the tool “du jour” for low information individuals struggling to make political points. Happily, it often blows up in their faces. It is scary to me that people are okay with this and even participate. Mitch Teemley published this great post on his blog, The Power of Story. The New Death…


Inspiration: The Story Behind Serpents Underfoot.

Why do authors write what they write? In discussions with some of my readers, the inspiration behind my military action thriller Serpents Underfoot comes up quite often. When I think about it, there are several factors that inspired me to write this novel. While inspiration can certainly come from a lot of places, I will…