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What Is Wrong With America?

Not a damn thing!

… except that we are creating a nations of sissies!

God Bless America

America is an idea … it is a social environment where men and women have the opportunity to go just as far as their intellect and ability will take them. It is a land of equal opportunity for all … not a land of guaranteed equal results for all. In America you have the freedom to succeed … and the freedom to fail.

The problem is not America … it is that we are becoming a society of selfish sissies! The pilgrims who came here had no guarantee of success, nor did the Irish, the Italians, or the Germans; nor did the Poles, the Japanese, the Chinese, or the Indians. They came here and worked hard at their dreams … some of them made it … and some of them did not! That was life!

But if they experienced some hard times, they didn’t whine … and cry … and ask the government to bail them out. Neighbors, family, and friends would chip in and help where they could … shirkers, con-men, and free-loaders would soon be discovered and then sent packing.

However, today we have a growing population of left-wing liberal numbskulls who feel it is somehow the government’s job to provide everybody who is born here, and everybody who crosses our borders, legally or illegally, with a lifestyle of ease and guaranteed happiness.

Well, my friends, that is nonsense. Contrary to what secular-progressive liberal democrats would have you believe, the government cannot guarantee your happiness … or even a life of ease. Life grants us no exemptions! With life comes success, failure, heartache, happiness, tragedy, sunshine, rain, bad times, and good times … for each one of us. That is life! You don’t get to enjoy all the good things in life and simply “take a pass” on all the bad.

But, this seems to be a growing phenomenon in American society. There is a desire by too many members of our society to take all they can get of the “good life” America offers … and simply “take a pass” on anything bad that comes along. It is a phenomenon rooted in the unwillingness by many to accept personal responsibility for their life choices … and then try to shift the blame for their troubles on anyone or everyone else!


Here are a few examples of what I mean:

  • If you are facing foreclosure or bankruptcy because you signed a sub-prime mortgage note knowing full well you could not afford the payments in three-years, and you still have a cable bill …. you are part of the problem!
  • If you can’t pay your bills, and you still have lawn service … you are part of the problem!
  • If you just can’t seem to pay your rent, and you have a $250 a month cell phone bill because your kid wants to text his or her friends …. you are part of the problem!
  • If driving a car without air conditioning is somehow beneath you … you are part of the problem!
  • If you are more than 50 lb. overweight, and griping about the high cost of health care, and you don’t mow your own lawn … you are part of the problem!

It is time for Americans to “Man Up,” to “Woman Up,” Your life is your responsibility!

Is McCain America’s Conservative Choice?

McCain - Kerry

Is the republican party dead? If McCain is the candidate of choice for Republicans … then it might as well be! Why do you suppose many left-wing, secular-progressive liberals have said McCain is the one Republican they could actually respect?

Folks, that is not a compliment!

Republicans have become so lost and demoralized by the success of the leftist liberals’ “We Hate All Things Bush” campaign, that they hope to sneak by republican voters with an open-borders, anti-tax cut, anti-free speech, global-warming hysteric, pro-human experimentation … “Republican.”

Do you know what … McCain sounds an awful lot like a liberal Democrat to me.

Remember, being hawkish and supporting the War on Terror does not make McCain a conservative. Recent history show that leftists can be militaristic too (see Stalin, Mao, & Castro).

Looking at the critical issues of our time, and excluding his strong stance in favor of the War on Terror, John McCain is, in reality, a liberal residing a little to the left of John Kerry.

If you ignore his posturing and rhetoric, and look at John McCain’s stance on key issues, you will find that he:

  • denounced Justice Samuel Alito as being too “conservative.”
  • denounced key religious leaders, calling them “agents of intolerance.”
  • supported amnesty for 20 million illegal immigrants.
  • trampled on our right to free speech with McCain-Feingold.
  • opposes water boarding terrorists to save American lives.
  • wants to shut down the facility at Guantanamo and move the terrorists onto U.S. soil.
  • denounced the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth.
  • opposes ANWR and supports the global warming cult.
  • voted in favor of using taxpayer funds to harvest stem cells from human embryos.
  • worried that if Roe v. Wade were overruled, women’s lives would be endangered.
  • attempted to trample on our Second Amendment rights with McCain-Lieberman.
  • voted for an amendment by the notoriously anti-gun Sen. Charles Schumer that would have restricted the legitimate transfer of firearms over the internet.
  • voted to extend the restrictions of the Brady bill to pawn shops and gun repair shops.
  • voted AGAINST efforts to kill the Clinton gun control package during the last Congress.

One of the most important issue for pro-lifers is the Supreme Court. As long as Roe v. Wade remains the law of the land, it doesn’t matter what Americans think. So it is telling that John McCain feels Justice Samuel Alito is too conservative.

John McCain uses the same language all Republicans use when he says that he will only appoint “strict constructionists.” But if he’s going to actually choose strict constructionists, won’t he be choosing judges who will overturn McCain-Feingold …

because … if you actually read the Constitution, you will realize McCain-Feingold is unconstitutional.

In 2004, John McCain spoke out against the proposed federal marriage amendment, saying, it was “antithetical in every way to the core philosophy of Republicans.” How is stopping secular-progressive liberals from redefining a 10,000-year-old institution not part of the core philosophy of being a Republican!

Sorry John, I just don’t see it your way!

Republicans were simply proposing to amend the Constitution, a process the Constitution specifically allows. And most Republicans … other than the ones who supported McCain-Feingold … support the Constitution. You just might say it’s part of their core philosophy.

I bet most of you have forgotten that, back in 2004, John McCain considered running on a presidential ticket with John Kerry! However, once he realized this would probably not help his chances to run as a Republican in 2008, he quickly dropped the idea.

If Hillary Clinton is elected president, we will have a four-year disaster, with Republicans ferociously opposing her, followed by a Republican surge back into power, as we did in 1980, 1994, and 2000.

If John McCain is elected president, we will still have the four-year disaster, but with the Republican opposition in Congress nullified by “our” president. This will then be followed by 30 years of Democratic rule …. because the Republican Party will be, for all practical purposes, dead!

McCain’s liberal stance on many issues is plain to see … if you just look!

Senator Lindsey Graham, another liberal in disguise, stated that the present is a defining moment for the Republican Party … and he is right!

The defining moment is a choice is between a party of McCain’s vision, a party that is virtually indistinguishable from the Democratic Party … or a party that at least tries to maintain a modicum of conservatism.

If McCain loses, hopefully he will switch sides and join the Democratic Party (where he belongs); but if he wins, we can expect to see a mass exodus of conservative voters from the GOP, probably to a third party.