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Have you sent a tea bag to your representatives yet?  I was watching Fox News coverage of the Tea Parties across America and was thrilled.  It is about time conservative Americans got angry and spoke out.  It is time to “Draw A Line In The Sand!” 

We simply cannot borrow our way out of debt!  Nor can we spend our way to economic security!  How many households or businesses would survive on that model?  Our government is gleefully mortgaging the future of our great, great grandchildren and busily saddling them with a debt they can never hope to pay.  The government is simply put … out of control! 

And we … my fellow Americans … have lost sight of the fact that they work for US!   We actually are the WE THE PEOPLE!

This is not a Republican issue!  This is not a Democratic issue!   This is a “we want America back” issue.  I am sorry but this country was not founded by socialists, communists, left-wing radicals, or liberal egalitarians.  It was founded by individualists who believed in and fought for the individual’s right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. 

A few other observations and pet peeves:

Obama Lies, America Cries

The simple truth is that  Obama’s  presidency, while still in its infancy, has already failed in keeping its campaign promises.  I seem to remember Obama’s eloquent campaign speeches in which he stated clearly that there would be no pork in his adminstration and that he would go through each bill “line by line” if needed to cut wasteful spending …. but surprise … surprise;   he supported and helped push through the largest single piece of pork legislation in the nation’s history … one not so cleverly disguised as a “stimulus” bill. 

I have read that  Obama has already committed to spend more tax dollars than all the Presidents from George Washington to George W put together.   But … surely the new liberal democratic leadership should have known that  … if only they had they had time to read the legislation they so swiftly passed … or maybe they just don’t care!

Second Amendment Supporter?

For a president who respects Second Amendment rights, Obama has a strange way of showing it.  After pledging support for the Second Amendment during his campaign, Obama quickly appoints fanatical gun-ban supporter Rahm Emanuel as his Chief of Staff.  Next, he selects former Clintonite and rabid anti-gunner Eric Holder as his attorney general. 

And … we all know where his Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, stands.  She should fit in well with the members of the U.N. working hard to take away American’s Second Amendment rights. 

Obama-Speak For Terrorism?

What the heck is this liberal crap?  A terrorist act is no-longer a terrorist act.  It is now a man-caused disaster?  While President Obama makes speeches that compare bankers to suicide bombers, his new Homeland Security Secretary, Janet Napolitano, claims that the T-word, terrorism, is just too inflammatory and representative of the old-fashioned “politics of fear.”   She prefers a new term: “man-caused disaster.”    I’m sorry!  But … I have to ask … what if the suicide bomber is a female?  Isn’t it sexist to use “man-caused disaster”?

Oh Yeah … and …. the war on terror is now an “overseas contingency operation.”   Sounds like a load of Bravo Sierra to me!!

In addition, according to the recently released report by her Department of Homeland Security, Ms. Napolitano is very concerned about the vast right wing conspiracy to overturn her Messiah’s new govenment of Hope and Change.  You know the one  made up of:  (a) law-abiding American gun owners,  (b) any American veterans returning from the War on Terror (ooops … overseas contingency operation …. my bad), (c) anyone who thinks the Founding Fathers had the right idea, and  (d) everyone and anyone who did not vote for Barack Obama in the last election.

God Bless Australia Again

Wow!   Is there an American version of Australia’s Prime Minister John Howard hiding in the background somewhere?  Please step up!   

Prime Minister Howard says “IMMIGRANTS, NOT AUSTRALIANS, MUST ADAPT.”  He is sick and tired of his country worrying about whether they are offending some individual or their culture … especially when that culture harbors and supports terrorists and pirates.   According to John Howard, fundamentalist Muslims who want to live under Islamic Sharia law should simply leave Australia and move to an Islamic state;  or … if they want to stay and live in Australia … they must do so under Australian law.  Wow!   What a concept!

I like it!