Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl Enters Plea of Guilty to Desertion and Misbehavior

Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl

Sgt. Bowe Bergdhal Enters Guilty Plea

As I listened NBC air Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl making his comments about how his current situation is somehow all President Trump’s fault and how he can’t get a fair trial, so really he has no choice but to plead guilty to charges of desertion and misbehavior, However, I simply see a prime example of why our Country is in the shape it is in … no sense of personal responsibility. We can always find something to blame! The President is a very popular choice now. President Trump has been blamed for weather patterns, floods, hurricanes, North Korea’s aggression, Iran’s support of terrorism, ISIS attacks in the U.S. The list goes on and on.

Leaving His Post of Duty Was Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl’s Decision

Nobody forced Sgt. Bergdahl to leave his post in Afghanistan!  That was his decision. Furthermore, if he had a problem with his unit or mission, the U.S. Army provides a mechanism to relay your concerns in the appropriate manner. Every soldier know that desertion and misbehavior in the face of the enemy is a serious offense … at one time, punishable by death.

Six Soldiers Died Trying to Locate and Rescue Bergdahl!

So, as Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl tells his tale about how unfair this process has been to him and insults everyone in the military justice system by insinuating there is no way they could remain professional and to their jobs in light of a campaign comments by then candidate, Donald Trump, remember this!  Six soldiers who died in attempts to locate and rescue Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, including one who left behind a pregnant wife and young child! Perhaps, it would be nice if NBC focused a bit on the stories of those six soldiers. In addition, the five Islamic Jihadists traded for Sgt. Bergdahl’s release are back at large and probably planning to murder more Americans in the future.

The Blame Game!

This is all a direct consequence of individual Bergdahl’s decision to leave his post of duty in Afghanistan eight years ago. The blame is nobody else’s. He deserves what he gets. My sympathy is for the soldiers he endangered and maybe, his parents.



Manchester Arena Attack by Islamic Terrorists

Manchester Arena Attack in Great BritainOur thoughts and prayers go out to our friends and allies across the pond in Great Britain. America needs to stand with Great Britain and all nations that are faced with the common enemy. That enemy is radical Islamic terrorism.

Another Cowardly Attack

This cowardly attack just goes to show again how vigilant we must remain in our fight against radical Islamic terrorism.  While all Muslims are certainly not terrorists, the terrorists who are currently attacking us are Muslims. And, yes … radical Islamic terrorists. Whether they call themselves ISIS, al Qaeda, Hamas, or Boco Haram, they are the same … an evil plague on the world.  Iran often finances and supports these groups.  One cannot help but wonder if part of the $147 billion in cash given to Iran by the Obama administration purchased the nuts, bolts and nails used in this latest suicide bombers vest.


A Concert for Young People at Manchester Arena

Targeting children is something the civilized world abhors.  But, for the radical Islamic terrorist it is just another tool of his trade.  It is proof of just how evil these animals are. The U.S. cannot afford to have “open borders,” especially with countries consumed by this hateful radical ideology. This why the policies of Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and others of the progressive left are a real danger to our nation.

Global Swarming

How I long for the good old days.  Do you remember back when it was just so cool to scoff at any and all warnings about new American foreign policies or old potential threats by anybody who actually knew what they were talking about?  I remember when highly intelligent, arrogant, Ivory Tower progressive-liberals with no real-world experience or common sense were boldly trashing the comments of anyone one who did not see things their way?

Do you remember the debate where Barack Obama haughtily “schooled” Mitt Romney about his lack of understanding of foreign policy after Romney made comments about the potential threat Russia still presented.  How did that work out?

  • We have unresolved Russian aggression in Ukraine.
  • Russian bombers are currently flying missions over the Gulf of Mexico
  • Venezuela, Cuba and Nicaragua are forming stronger military ties with Russia and can provide bases for Russian combat aircraft and missiles.

I remember when George W. Bush was ridiculed for his comments about the Axis of Evil in which he included Iran, Iraq and North Korea.  Today we see:

  •  ISIS / ISIL / DAESH or whatever you want to call it …  in Iraq and Syria, forming alliances and sponsoring attacks her in the U.S.  Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Egypt and Israel are doing their own thing … tired of waiting for the Anointed One to declare which side of the war on terror he is on.  Yes …Yes … I know we are not “at war” with them, however, they are at war with us and have been since the 70s.Obama’s efforts at containment and degradation certainly didn’t stop ISIS fanatics from shooting up a cartoon contest here in the U.S.  Tell me …. how do you contain a threat that recruits via twitter and Facebook?
  • We are facing a nuclear-armed North Korea who’s leader just executed a loyal, longtime senior member of his own government who, by the way, also loyally served his father … by shooting him with an anti-aircraft gun!  And for what you might ask?  Dozing off in a meeting.  And this idiot is just itching for a reason to launch a missile at someone!
  • We have a president who is so blinded by ideology and so anxious to be seen doing something … that he is willing to sign a disastrous deal with Iran; one that we know they will not adhere to and will practically guarantee them nuclear weapons shortly after he leaves office.  Iran’s leaders just keep stringing Obama and Kerry along like a couple of organ grinder monkeys!  It is freaking embarrassing!

However, the real  icing on the cake is this:


Don’t you have to have some sort of a recognizable strategy … before it can actually begin to unravel?  Guess not!!