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HAMAS Supports Barack Obama For President

In fact, Hamas loves Barack Obama!

It seems that two Palestinian brothers that live inside the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip are somehow listed in government election filings as having donated $29,521.54 to Sen. Barack Obama’s campaign.  How can that be … I asked.  Would that not be illegal?

And low and behold …. according to Bob Biersack, a spokesman for the Federal Election Commission, donations of this nature would violate election laws, including prohibitions on receiving contributions from foreigners and guidelines against accepting more than $2,300 from one individual during a single election.

These terrorist-based contributions to his campaign fund also bring into focus some serious questions about Barack  Obama’s online campaign donation form, which apparently allows for foreign contributions.

According to one of last weeks posts on the blog, Atlas Shrugs, a series of donations were made during 2007 to Barack Obama’s election campaign by two brothers: Monir Edwan and Hosam Edwan. These donations totaled $29,521.54.

On the online form on Obama’s campaign site, the Edwans listed their street as “Tal Esaltan,” which they submitted on the form as being located in “Rafah, GA.”  However, it seems Rafah is not a city in Georgia … Rafah is located in the Gaza Strip.

I checked and the Edwans’ donations are listed in both FEC filings and donordata.org.

One brother, Monir, made 20 donations ranging from $717 to $2017.50 between October and November in  2007. His donations totaled $24321.41. The other brother, Hosam, made seven donations ranging from $508.63 to $1725.96, totaling $5,200.13, all in October of 2007.

A World Net Daily reporter tracked down the Edwans, who are living in the Tal Esaltan neighborhood of Rafah, (not in Georgia … but in a large refugee camp) in the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip. The Edwans are a large clan that includes among its members many top Hamas supporters.

When questioned by World Net Daily, the two brothers praised Obama and admitted giving the money online to his campaign. They admitted that they are not U.S. citizens or even green card holders … but are citizens of “Palestine.”

Of course, the Edwans both denied they are affiliated with Hamas. Palestinian sources in Gaza confirmed the Edwans in question are secular, but would not say whether or not they supported Hamas.

Monir and Hasam Edwan denied their financial transactions, listed as donations in U.S. government election filings,  were actually donations to Obama’s campaign. Instead they claimed they purchased about $30,000 in Obama T-shirts from the presidential candidate’s online store.  This contention did not hold up during a WND interview, during which it seems they changed their story several times.

According to WND, Edwan could not seem to explain how he got these shipments of T-shirts into the Gaza Strip …  since Israel had imposed a tight closure of the Gaza Strip starting in June 2007 that lasted until June 2008, when the Israeli government agreed to a cease-fire with Hamas in Gaza.

FEC spokesman Biersack told WND contributions from overseas are allowed if the donations are coming from U.S. citizens or green card carriers. But he said accepting money from foreigners would violate election provisions.

He said there are strict guidelines against accepting more than $2,300 from one individual during a single election.

“I am not familiar with the particulars of the case, so I am commenting in general. The FEC will have to examine all the circumstances before determining any wrongdoing,” Biersack clarified.

Quite expectedly, Obama’s campaign did not return WND phone calls or e-mail queries.

To me, the fact that the Edwans were able to contribute any money to Obama’s campaign at all from Gaza brings to light serious questions into the methods used by the presidential candidate’s website to accept online donations.

The website donation form asks each donor to affirm he or she is a U.S. citizen and is above the age of 16 but doesn’t require donors to prove their citizenship status, such as providing a social security number. The form further requires the donor to affirm the contribution is not coming from a corporation, political action committee or lobby group.

Liberal National Insecurity

Axis of Evil

Syria Nuclear Site

Looks like President George Bush may be getting a little vindication after all the fuss liberals made out of his “Axis of Evil” comments about Iran, Iraq, and North Korea and their support of terrorism and pursuit of weapons of mass destruction. John Bolton, then United States UN Ambassador, when beyond the “axis of evil” to include by including Libya, Syria, and Cuba in this group.

U.S. intelligence officials will show members of Congress a videotape and other supporting evidence to prove their case that Syria was building a nuclear reactor with North Korean assistance. Those gutsy Israelis bombed the site in September 2007 as a preemptive national defense measure.

Intelligence officials claim the evidence is very clear and compelling and that it comes from a variety of sources, and … not just Israeli intelligence.

The Syrian reactor was similar in design to a North Korean reactor that has in the past produced small amounts of plutonium, the official said. It was not yet complete but was far enough along to demonstrate a resemblance to the North Korean reactor at Yonbyon.

It seems that Syria had not reported the site to the International Atomic Energy Agency nor was it under international safeguards, possibly putting Syria in breech of an international nuclear nonproliferation treaty. Why would they act this way if it were legitimate and non-military in nature? Maybe we should ask Nancy Closing … she is on great terms with the Syrians.

Plutonium-producing reactors are of international interest because plutonium can be used to make high-yield nuclear weapons … and we all know how liberals like fight for the right for terrorists to build their own nuclear weapons.

Open Borders

96 Border Patrol Officers have been killed by violent criminals coming here to “do the jobs most Americans won’t do.”

Open Borders 1

Open Borders 2

These photos show how easy it is along many sections of our southern border to cross into this country. Are these the footprints of a terrorist, a drug smuggler, or just some hard working hispanic families? The real problem is, we have no way to know who they are or where they’re actually from. They could just as easily be Al-Qaeda or Hamas terrorists as they could be hard working Hispanic families! … how would you know? …. how can you tell?

While generous budgets are allotted to massive social service programs to support these illegal immigrants, our national security is literally left wide open. Millions have crossed in remote places such as these while many of our elected representatives have ignored the problem to get re-elected,  bowed to anti-American political pressure, or even worse … knowingly looked the other way.

It’s time for those who have benefited from this influx of cheap illegal immigrant labor and the government agencies who cater to these illegal immigrants be brought to task by the American people … the interest and security of the United States citizens should always be first consideration of our government.  That was the founders point in creating a federal government to begin with.

For an accurate real time count of the illegals crossing our borders go to ImmigrationCounters.Com

This disturbing video clearly shows illegal alien children freely crossing a US Border Patrol Checkpoint in Arizona to attend US public schools. Now, I am not advocating persecuting or prosecuting children … but where do it all end?  School bus service, free breakfast and lunch programs and a full range of public services are provided these illegal alien children. Could it be the fact that school budgets are based on attendance levels, that the school district or their teachers union mind this situation at all? This same kind of scenario is being repeated across our nation every day …. at the expense of our children.

This telling video exposes statements made by some of the leaders of the illegal alien movement, many of which are our own elected officials and academic leaders. Why are these individuals fostering such division and anger in a country that has traditionally welcomed legal immigrants. Many of their statements are outright falsehoods, but then again liberals have never let the “facts get in the way of a good story.”  The fact is that the Mexican government’s ceded the barren and undeveloped border land to America for $15M in the “Treaty of Guadalupe” and in return , the U.S. forgave all the Mexican debt owed America. Here’s a link to these historical facts; http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Treaty_of_Guadalupe_Hildalgo .

These individuals are simply trying to blur the lines between legal and illegal, to dismantle the borders to create a new voter base for themselves.

Americans have nothing against LEGAL IMMIGRATION, we all immigrated here from somewhere else! But the unchecked influx of illegal immigrants, many of them criminals, if having a disastrous effect on our country, its economy, and our national security …. it must be stopped. Contact your Senators and Congressman … let them know where you stand!

Islam Will Conquer Rome, Violent & Stupid Teens, And Other Stories

The Religion Of Peace?

In a recent sermon by a prominent Muslim cleric, who is also a Hamas member of the Palestinian parliament, openly declared that “the capital of the Catholics, or the Crusader capital,” would soon be conquered by Islam.

According to the FOXNEWS, A …

fiery sermon, delivered by Yunis al-Astal and aired on Hamas’ Al-Aqsa TV, predicted that Rome would become “an advanced post for the Islamic conquests, which will spread though Europe in its entirety, and then will turn to the two Americas, even Eastern Europe.”

“Allah has chosen you for Himself and for His religion,” al-Astal preached, “so that you will serve as the engine pulling this nation to the phase of succession, security and consolidation of power, and even to conquests through da’wa and military conquests of the capitals of the entire world.

“Very soon, Allah willing, Rome will be conquered, just like Constantinople was, as was prophesied by our prophet Muhammad,” he added.

Al-Astal last June preached how it was the duty of Palestinian women to martyr themselves by becoming homicide bombers.

“The most exalted form of jihad is fighting for the sake of Allah, which means sacrificing one’s soul by fighting the enemies head-on, even if it leads to martyrdom,” he said in a June 23, 2007 interview.

“When jihad becomes an individual duty, it applies to women too, because women do not differ from men when it comes to individual duties,” he said, calling Jews “the brothers of apes and pigs” who should “taste the bitterness of death.”

Friday’s rant repeated that theme: “Today, Rome is the capital of the Catholics, or the Crusader capital, which has declared its hostility to Islam, and has planted the brothers of apes and pigs in Palestine in order to prevent the reawakening of Islam.

“I believe that our children, or our grandchildren, will inherit our jihad and our sacrifices, and, Allah willing, the commanders of the conquest will come from among them.

“Today, we instill these good tidings in their souls – and by means of the mosques and the Koran books, and the history of our Prophets, his companions, and the great leaders, we prepare them for the mission of saving humanity from the hellfire at whose brink they stand.”

Do you ever stop to wonder why Jimmy Carter likes these Hamas guys so much more than his own people or our Israeli allies?

It seems that, former president, Jimmy Carter has a great admiration for Hamas. Here is just a small sampling of what Jimmy Carter is irresponsibly excusing and, thus indirectly, endorsing.

Jan. 29, 2004 – A suicide bomber detonated a bag laden with explosives on a No. 19 bus line on Aza Street in Jerusalem. Ten Israelis and one foreigner were killed and 44 were injured…Sept. 9, 2003 – A suicide bomber detonated an explosive device at the entrance of the “Hillel Cafe” in Jerusalem. Seven Israelis were killed and 70 injured…

April 30, 2003 – A suicide bomber detonated an explosive belt at the entrance to the “Mike’s Place” pub on the Tel Aviv boardwalk. An additional suicide bomber hurled an explosive device nearby. Three Israeli civilians were killed and 62 were wounded…

May 7, 2002 – A suicide bomber detonated an explosive belt and an additional explosive device in a bag, at a club in Rishon Letzion. Sixteen Israeli civilians were killed, and 51 were wounded…

March 27, 2002 – A suicide bomber blew himself up with an explosive belt in the Park Hotel in Netanya. Thirty Israeli civilians were killed and 144 were wounded…

Aug. 9, 2001 – A suicide bomber blew himself up at the Sbarro restaurant in Jerusalem. Fifteen Israelis were killed and 110 wounded…

June 1, 2001 – A suicide bomber detonated himself at the entrance to the “Dolphinarium” club in Tel Aviv. Twenty-two Israeli civilians were killed, and 83 were wounded.

And … were supposed to be the bad guys?

Are We Raising Stupid, Violent Teens!

I don’t normally put videos in my blog … but this is something else!

What kind of teenagers commit this kinds of crimes? And why are they dumb enough to film it for YOUTUBE?

Because … we teach them they can get away with what ever they want, and that there is no such thing as right and wrong! Morals are relative and stupid … oh yeah … and so un-cool! Whats really important is how much cools stuff you have!!!!! You can shoot that kid and steal his shiny new Nikes … no big deal! You’ll get off because you are simply a misunderstood kid who the “village” failed to nurture enough …

Schools don’t teach anymore … they fill our kids with liberal, secular-progressive, left-wing gobbledygook … and then we wonder why they commit violent crimes things like this.

Of, course … if you try to put the blame where it belongs … on the destruction of the American family because of loony left-wing, secular-progressive liberal policies running rampant in our schools and our televisions … liberals simply cry foul and get the liberal activist judges they keep in their pockets to trample still more American freedoms to enforce their agenda.

I think home school or private school is the only means to save our country from this NEA lunacy…

Taxation Truth

So, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama don’t think the wealthy people in this country don’t pay their fair share of taxes.

In a 2004 paper presented to the American Statistical Association, IRS economists Michael Strudler and Tom Petska calculated percentiles data that included both income taxes and Social Security taxes. In 1999, the top 1 percent paid 23.3 percent of combined payroll and income taxes, the top 10 percent paid 52.2 percent, and the top 20 percent paid 68.2 percent.

Basically, that means that the top 20% wealthiest people in this nation already pay almost 70% of the nation’s tax revenue. How is that unfair to the poor? Tell me … I am waiting to hear!

A common liberal retort to this fact is that they exclude payroll taxes, which are assumed (key word being assumed) to be largely paid by the poor. However, as it actually it turns out, when payroll taxes are included in the calculations, they have far less impact on the distribution of the tax burden than most people would assume, because the wealthy also pay a large share of those taxes.

Hugo Chavez is a Boil & The UN Supports Hamas Genocidal War On Isreal

Hugo Chavez vs. Columbia

So it seems that good old Chavez, that infected boil on the ass of the world, the person who wants to be the next Fidel Castro (luckily for Venezuela … the people voted that down), has sent troops to his border in response to a raid by Colombian troops into Ecuador, following fleeing FARC (a leftist guerilla group) leader and killing him.

It seems that good ol’ Hugo has decided that the cause of these leftist guerrillas is a worthy one. Maybe this is because they are one of the leading contributors of cocaine to the U.S. and anything that endangers the U.S. makes Hugo happy. Chavez has said that, if the Colombian military strikes at rebel groups that are hiding in Venezuela, it will mean war.

It seems to me, a poor humble college student in the greatest country on the face of the planet, that the best way for Mr. Chavez to avert this war is for him to root out the guerrillas that are hiding in his country … or prevent them from entering. However, we all know that Hugo wouldn’t dream of doing this since this group is perceived by him as a sympathetic cause.

Let us not pretend however that Chavez would have done the same thing if the group had been a right wing organization that had been threatening his rule and hiding was in Colombia. Hell, he certainly would at least have accused Colombia and the US for supporting them. In a recent speech he even had the audacity to criticize Israel for their strikes on Hamas bases in Palestine.

While I am on that subject … 

Why is it that, when Israel retaliates for an attack on its territory by Hamas and accidentally kills civilians (because Hamas hides itself in the middle of civilian populate urban areas like schools, hospitals, and apartment buildings), it is attempting to commit genocide? Yet, when Hamas intentionally kills Israeli civilians … it is somehow fighting for its freedom.

Wasn’t Hamas at the negotiating table with Israel when Hamas launched its latest attack? This makes me think that Hamas doesn’t really want peace … they want to completely destroy Israel.

Therefore, as a symbol of solidarity and support for Israel , I wish the IDF good luck, and good hunting … and give’m Hell.

Women of the IDF

If there is to be any stability in the modern world, states need to have the right to protect themselves from terrorists organizations like FARC and Hamas, which both represent a threat to the stability of the entire world today. And … since there doesn’t seem to be a Leviathan out there to do the job … then it falls to respective freedom loving countries to do it themselves.