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Forever in Our Hearts

We will never forget.

As I watched the news on this morning, 09/11/2019, the images of the two towers, the destruction, the victims, the dust, the debris, the first responders, those rushing to help, the pain and horror of that cowardly attack is rekindled. But, so is the pride!

We are still here. We are still strong. And, we will never forget.

forever in our hearts

It is not about vengeance or retribution. It is about courage, sacrifice, and many selfless heroes rushing … not away … but toward the danger!

It is about the police, the firemen, the reporters, and the everyday citizens who pulled together to get us through one of the darkest hours in American history. It is about doing everything we can to ensure it never happens again. It is about remembering to remain strong as Americans!

Remembering Man’s Best Friend

forever in our hearts

Being a dog lover, I cannot help but also mention that, when the World Trade Center tower collapsed and 10,000 emergency rescue workers rushed in to help … over 300 of those heroes were dogs. Dogs like Bretagne, Riley, Coby, Guinness, Appollo, Thunder, Sage, Trakr, and Jake to name a few.

forever in our hearts

These dogs, along with many more devoted, brave, loyal, and hardworking K9 heroes risked life and limb on September 11 and during the many painful days over which the rescue and recovery efforts continued.

Heroic K9s searched for survivors, located remains, and provided a very real source of comfort and hope during one of the worst moment in modern American history.

We should always remember and honor them as well.

Learn more about these Hero Dogs of September 11th at The Dogington Post!

Forex: Trading on the Foreign Exchange

Milan Marko contacted me through Fiverr.com to write a book description for the new English version of his book, FOREX: Proven Trading Strategies For Financial Freedom. Marko published the original in German in 2016. Until I read his book, I had no idea what Forex trading is. His book is very informative and quite interesting. Therefore I decided to share it on my blog. It is available on Amazon.com. Here is the link.

Can you make money as a Forex trader? What is Forex? How do you trade Forex?

Marko answers these and many other questions in his remarkable guide.


This book is a compilation of his personal experiences as a foreign exchange trader. He also combines with his personal experience the information gleaned from working with other successful traders over the last several years. It is a complete guide to the process of foreign exchange trading for beginners. However, seasoned traders can also benefit. This is a book that should be on any foreign exchange traders bookshelf.

What is most important?

First of all, and perhaps most the important question, are you passionate and enthusiastic about your financial goals? According to Marko, these are two critical ingredients for success. That is because, real passion and enthusiasm will keep you on track and motivated to succeed.

What are your Forex goals?

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This book contains a lot of great information!

Everything from the basic vocabulary, analysis, and several proven trading strategies. It contains everything you need to be successful in foreign exchange trading. We know there no surefire guarantees in any investing. However, by learning the processes and techniques outlined this book you are following the paths blazed by many highly successful foreign exchange traders.

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The newest rage … “Pseudo Intellectualism”


Dan Gilbert commented that:

“Intellectuals” these days are an interesting breed. Historically intellectuals enjoyed exploring all aspects of a given situation. They compared facts, sought out further study if the research wasn’t clear. They enjoyed defending their opponent’s position to strengthen their own case. Intellectuals valued the intellect and constructive debate. They were very concerned with the preservation of the concept of free speech, valuing opinions different from their own.

Today, so-called intellectuals seek to limit speech, ideas, and opinions other than ideologically approved ones. We hear – case closed, the science is settled, alternative opinions are due to ignorance and other statements that no true intellectual in history would be comfortable with. This is dogma masquerading as intelligence and is dominant in today’s academic environment.

Politicians have latched on to this approach because it protects ideas with no depth or factual foundation, it helps to panic people and create a feeling of powerlessness, leading to more control over every aspect of our lives. A true intellectual will welcome debate, not criminalize those that hold different positions. We live in an age of deep ignorance lauded as the height of intellect, fantasy heralded as reality, and inflexible dogma held up as liberalism.

I have personally experienced this phenomena several time in discussion with liberal friends.  I have been in conversations where my more liberal friends are espousing some view on some topic be it the economy, fracking, healthcare, Global Warming, War of Terror, or whatever.  And in the course of the conversation, should you provide any evidence in support of a view contrary to their held views, it is summarily dismissed without discussion or further investigation.  Hardly an “intellectual” response.

A prime example of this is the issue of gun control.  Members of the anti-Second Amendment crowd, such  as Michael Bloomberg’s newly-repackaged “Every Town for Gun Safety” have repeatedly been caught red-handed lying and creating false narratives about gun violence.  And while tragic gun violence should be addressed, as a nation we never want to address the real issues  involved and instead simple want to ban a tool which the U.S. Constitution affirms and guarantees the American people the right to use.  Unfortunately like any tool, a gun can be used for both good and bad.

The truth is that the recent shooting at the Church in South Caroline is a prime example of why stricter gun laws do not work.  Especially if, as Vice-President Joe Biden admitted on national television in the last election, the federal government doesn’t have time to enforce the gun laws already on the books.  The shooter in this case already could not legally own or buy a gun because of a previous felony drug conviction and the family has already admitted, and then later recanted the statement, that the boy’s father bought the gun for him on his 21st birthday.  This would already be a felony under federal law and punishable by up to 10 years imprisonment (perhaps this is why they recanted the earlier statement).  How would a stricter gun lay have prevented this?  Explain it to me please.

Also the church was a “gun free” zone, so the shooter knew he was safe to carry out his plan with little chance of anyone stopping him.  There is another recent and rather similar case in which a woman with a concealed carry permit and a hand gun stopped a shooter in his tracks in her church and saved the lives of many of her fellow parishioners.  Bet you won’t hear about that in the left-wing news.

More to the point, however, is that if you bring up the facts that statistics clearly prove states and cities that allow concealed carry permits all see measurable and significant reductions in violent crime, liberals summarily dismiss that as NRA propaganda that bears no further discussion.  They totally ignore the fact that the NRA gets its statistics from the FBI and, dare I say it, the former Attorney General Eric Holder’s Department of Justice.  That is because their “pseudo intellectualism” is driven by blind ideology and it can suffer no dissent.  It is a victimization-based, revenge-driven ideology that plays well to people with bumper slogan mentalities and it is an ideology that does not bode well for the success of Freedom, Liberty, Prosperity, and American Exceptionalism!

What’s Wrong With Left-Wing, Secular-Progressive Liberals?

Revisiting Reaganism

According to the out-spoken conservative pundit, Ann Coulter, left-wing, secular-progressive liberals have been on the wrong side of every foreign policy issue from the Cold War fight against communism right up through today’s War on Terror today … and you know what? I think she is right!

Ann Coulter

Under democratic presidents like Truman, Kennedy, Carter, and Clinton, the United States did pursue policies of appeasement, containment, and surrender … and has often sacrificed American interests and security to placate anti-American interests.

Left-wing, secular-progressive liberals do, in fact, seem to have an extraordinary knack for always taking the anti-American stand … or as Ann Coulter says, a stand “on the side of treason.”

President Ronald Reagan

Ronald Reagan despised the idea of containment … he felt that that containment was wrong and simply a cowards way out of standing up for American principles. Reagan believed that containment, while perhaps curtailing communism from spreading much farther, doomed hundreds of thousands of our fellow human beings in the “contained area” controlled by the Soviet Union to lives of hopelessness and despair as slaves of a a military dictatorship masquerading as a communist totalitarian regime. That was why, from day one, President Reagan had the steadfast goal of bringing down the Soviet Union by forcing them into economic ruin via the arms race.

By the way … have you ever seen a communist country that wasn’t, in reality, a military dictatorship hiding behind a communist facade?  I haven’t!

Left-Wing Secular-Progressive Liberals Are Not “Just Americans” To …

Left-wing, secular-progressive liberals do not “love” America. They hate it and everything it stands for … individual freedom, limited government, and personal responsibility. They want to turn America into another socialist nightmare patterned after that shining example of European liberalism … France!

“Hanoi Jane” Fonda

The credibility of left-wing liberal democrats in the area of national defense is severely lacking. I mean, after all, their defense strategy is planned by folks like “Hanoi Jane” Fonda, Ed Asner, Susan Sarandon, Casey Casem, Noam Chomsky, Gore Vidal, and noted cop-killer Mumia Abu-Jamal.

By the way, this group is virtually the same group that supported the Soviet Union during the Cold War!

Jimmy Carter

Former president, Jimmy Carter, said “There is no current danger to the United States from Baghdad.” The real threat to world peace and global human rights is President George Bush.

This is the same Jimmy Carter who so ineffectively handled the Iran hostage crisis, who couldn’t land a helicopter in the desert, and who was more concerned with the White House tennis court schedule than important affairs of state. Maybe he was just outraged that the members of al-Qaeda incarcerated at Guantanamo Bay don’t have proper access to regulation tennis courts… I don’t know.

Saddam Hussein

I do know Jimmy Carter felt that, unlike that evil warmongering demon from Hell George Bush, a cold-blooded, murdering, and habitually lying noble statesman like Saddam Hussein … could be reasoned with.

Here is America … engaged in a global, ideologically based war against radical Islamic terrorists bent on our death and destruction … and left-wing progressive liberals like former president Jimmy Carter are offering aid and support to the terrorists and nations who support them!

When President Bush included North Korea in his “axis of evil” with Iraq and Iran, left-wing liberals apologized to the world and announced to all that President Bush was simply a “moron.”

After all, these three countries have nothing in common. USA Today, a bulwark for the profound and intelligent reporting of pertinent news, was quick to point out that “Koreans don’t even look like Iranians” (see example below).


A Korean

Iranian Guard

An Iranian

Talk about morons! America is at war with radical terrorists bent on bombing us off the face of the planet and slitting the throats of our reporters and peace volunteers on world television, Iran is supporting them and actively pursuing a nuclear arsenal, North Korea , the pillar of liberal democracy that it is, is testing nuclear weapons … and the left-wing, secular-progressive liberals’ answer is to play word games.

  • Madeleine Albright, Bill Clinton’s secretary of state, said “We know that Korea is dangerous, but lumping those three countries together is dangerous.
  • Jimmy Carter chimed in with the brilliant statement that the term, “axis of evil,” is “overly simplistic and counterproductive.”
  • Robert Scheer wrote in the Los Angeles Times that “no such axis exists.”

The “Axis of Appeasement” … when faced with danger from three rogue nations who are wreaking havoc in the civilized world and actively seeking nuclear arms … chooses to engage in “semantic nit-picking.”

Racial Profiling … You bet!

9/11 Hijackers

Our left-wing secular-progressive liberal friends also tell us it is wrong to “racially profile” young Arab males… and look for radical Islamic terrorists at our international airports. We must also search the 99-year-old white lady in her wheelchair in order to be “fair” … or at least politically correct!

What kind of idiotic nonsense is that?

To be fair, not all followers of Islam are terrorists … but … 99% of the terrorists trying to bomb us out of existence are followers of Islam.

Let’s review …

  1. On September 11, 2001, more than three thousand Americans were murdered in a brutal terrorist attack on U.S. soil by radical radical Islamic extremists.
  2. In October 2000, our warship the USS Cole was attacked by radical Islamic extremists.
  3. In 1998, the U.S. embassies in Kenya and Tanzania were bombed by radical Islamic extremists.
  4. In 1996, a U.S. Air Force housing complex in Saudi Arabia was bombed by radical Islamic extremists.
  5. In 1995, five Americans were killed by a car bomb set off by radical Islamic extremists.
  6. In 1993, the World Trade center was bombed by radical Islamic extremists.
  7. In 1988, a passenger jet, Pan Am Flight 103, was bombed by radical Islamic extremists.
  8. In 1986, a West Berlin discotheque frequented by American servicemen was bombed by radical Islamic extremists.
  9. In 1985, an Italian cruise ship, the Achille Lauro, was seized by radical Islamic extremists and a sixty-nine-year-old American was killed.
  10. In 1983, the U.S. Marine barracks in Beirut were blown up by radical Islamic extremists.
  11. In 1982, the U.S. embassy in Beirut was bombed by radical Islamic extremists.
  12. In 1979, the U.S. embassy in Iran was stormed by radical Islamic extremists and the American embassy staff was held hostage for 444 days.

I may not be a rocket scientist, or even Ann Coulter, but in 20 years of continual attacks on America by radical Islamic extremists, even I can find the common thread here. It seems to me that … in every one of these attacks by radical Islamic extremists … there are definitely one or more radical Islamic extremists involved!

So, of course, it makes total sense to not allow American law enforcement officials to look for radical Islamic extremists …

The Left-Wing Secular-Liberal Liberal God Complex

What is the basic difference between conservatives and secular-progressive liberals?  Conservatives believe that man was created in God’s image …. and secular-progressive liberals claim that God is a fairy tale.   This claim then allows them to pretend to be Gods.

ACLU Nativity Scene

This left-wing, secular-progressive liberal God complex does seem to explain why they feel free to murder unborn children, forcibly create their version of equality through programs like affirmative action and wealth redistribution … while remaining untouched by it all in their wealthy elitist liberal enclaves.

It explains why they feel noble about spreading pornography throughout our nation’s schools in the form of mandatory sex education classes where 8-year-olds learn the proper method of placing condoms on a bananas and how to get abortions without their parents consent.

It also explains why an activist liberal judge can sentence a pedophile who molested a young girl continuously over a period of 11 years to six weeks of counseling

  • and why the ACLU can justify defending an organization like NAMBLA, that promotes men kidnapping and seducing young boys …
  • while they sue the city of San Francisco to kick the Boy Scouts out of Balboa Park.

Maybe the $950,000 in attorney’s fees and court costs the ACLU fleeced from hard-working American taxpayers during the “Boy Scout” case helped to ease their collective conscience.  You think?

Liberals are Gods

Perhaps this is also why they revere the U.N. so … instead of their own country. After all, the U.N is not founded on Judeo-Christian principles like America is. Instead, the U.N. is simply a corrupt, non-judgmental … and horribly incompetent … liberal institution.   Hmmmm …. I think I see a correlation forming in my mind!

Left-wing, secular-progressive liberals aren’t Americans … they are simply God wannabes!  They thirst for political power, for money, and for an America that will no longer be able to judge them for their obscene aristocratic lifestyles. Hey … that sounds just like Monica Lewinsky’s ex-boyfriend’s wife …

It is very hard for true Americans to understand their positions and that is also why true Americans, thankfully, are slowly learning to distrust them more and more!

Since left-wing, secular-progressive liberals defend the rights of Islamic fanatics, adulterers, pornographers, abortionists, criminals, and communists … it would simply be counterproductive to their goals to admit that God exists … since that would force them into an indefensible position when they argue their various causes.

Progressive liberals work hard … striving for the day when the pedophiles who sodomize young boys and rape young girls are more acceptable in society than the Christian … whose horrific crime of going to Church once or twice a week, having moral standards of conduct, and trying to celebrate Christmas … earns the death sentence.

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