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The Whispered

Brad Osborne’s poem over at commonsensiblyspeaking brought whispers of Lloyd Alexander, Tolkien, Cornwell, Kipling, and even Beowulf to my mind. Check it out!



Memories hang heavy

Like Spanish moss draped

Over the gnarled boughs

Weathered by the voice of years

Fed by long forgotten tears

And traced in the wounds

We are all the whispered here


Visions rise like smoke

A pungent scent seen

Stung in blood-shot eyes

Burnt in the sepia lost

Paying the highest cost

And placed within the tombs

We are all the whispered here


Darkness beats the anvil

With a farrier’s skill

Drummed to war

Bodies of the broken

Names left unspoken

Now echoes in the gloom

We are all the whispered here


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