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Willful Ignorance is Not a Good Look!

Where the hell is William Barr? Or is he truly just another swamp creature?

According to a forensic investigation: Dominion Software Intentionally Designed to Influence Election Results

13th Circuit Judge Kevin Elsenheimer approved a forensic examination in Bailey v. Antrim County, which alleges the infamous vote flip county officials reported last month may have not been the result of human error despite the narrative being pushed by Michigan election officials and Democrat propaganda machine aka the media. Elsenheimer later approved making the findings public.

Russell Ramsland Jr., a former Reagan administration official who has also worked for NASA and is a co-founder of Allied Security Operations Group, released this preliminary statement.

We conclude that the Dominion Voting System is intentionally and purposefully designed with inherent errors to create systemic fraud and influence election results.

Russell Ramsland, Jr.

Somehow, this is not surprising since this is the very system designed and used to put and keep Hugo Chavez in power in Venezuela. And that is a fact, jack!

Ramsland pointed to the fact that the tabulation log for the forensic examination of the server for the county showed 15,676 individual recorded events. Of those, some 68 percent were recorded errors.

“These errors resulted in overall tabulation errors or ballots being sent to adjudication. This high error rate proves the Dominion Voting System is flawed and does not meet state or federal election laws.

Ramsland went on to say that a staggering number of votes required adjudication!

This was an issue not seen in previous election cycles still stored on the server, which points to intentional system changes. These intentional changes lead to bulk adjudication of ballots with no oversight, no transparency, and no audit trail (more on that in a second)!

The statements by Democrat election officials attributing these issues to human error are not consistent with the forensic evidence, which points more directly toward systemic changes intentionally designed to create errors to push a high volume of ballots to bulk adjudication (which means somebody decides, after the fact, who gets that vote).

Of course, Democrats are already howling this report is full of lies and/or false conclusions. I might buy that, especially if I was a Democrat … except for one small thing.

And that is … no audit trail!

Crucial security and adjudication logs are mysteriously missing from Antrim County’s Dominion Voting Systems machines. Hmmm! What an amazing coincidence.

I work in IT, and I know how logs like that work. They do not just disappear. They have to be intentionally removed. The lack of these logs prevents any form of audit accountability, and their “convenient” absence is extremely suspicious since the logs for all previous election cycles are still present. This is another indication of foul play.

This means that, while you can see that errors occurred, conveniently for the Democrats, you cannot go in and see what the errors actually were or how they were adjudicated. The only possible conclusion is that the 2020 cycle logs in these Dominion machines were manually removed to prevent the discovery of proof of fraud. In and of itself, for anybody with a thinking brain and an understanding of computer logs, this is proof of fraud.

It may not matter in the long run. They can probably just rely on the willful ignorance of too many Americans and the media’s willingness to dutifully squash the story for their masters.

I don’t care if you are a republican, a democrat, an independent, or what; you should not be okay with the fraudulent use of our election process and the destruction of our system of government. You should want every LEGAL vote counted and a peaceful transition of power once that occurs. But if this election is allowed to stand without a COMPLETE and VALIDATED recount, we are already Venezuela; we just don’t see it yet.

Words Really Are Weapons If You Control The Narrative

If you control the language, you can control the story. Therefore, words are weapons. The radical left has learned this and is using that fact to destroy this country. My brother, Dan Gilbert, penned the below post. I just made a few edits. It sums this idea up very well.


Words Are Very Powerful!

Words are very powerful, especially in their impact on the uneducated. The radical left has seized on this concept and it has freed them from accountability and rationality. They have figured out that if they can control words, they can maintain a powerful role in America despite promoting ideas that are clearly against this country’s best interests. They promote ideas that ignore the will of the vast majority of its population and violate our laws.

It is hard to understand how we have let the statist radical left claim the term liberal. But, it is one of the more effective tactics developed in modern political history that they employ to work to legitimize their radical beliefs. They are in no way liberal. The Democratic party is patently not liberal. Every one of their policies is the antithesis of liberalism.

By claiming the term, they position their enemies as not only wrong but evil. While they promote totalitarian and statist policies that degrade the last vestiges of individual liberty in the US, they rant about how their opponents are racists and bigoted.

Promoting racially segregated housing on campus they call opponents racists. While rioting to prevent others from expressing their beliefs through intimidation, they call their opponents violent. Demanding adherence to a single worldview, they call their opponent fascists. They justify assaulting harmless animals, burning buildings and cars by claiming they are defending themselves. Yet, they call themselves liberals and as such are beyond reproach.

Claiming A Title Does Not Make It So!

By claiming the liberal title they can ensure that the DNC lines up behind them. As long as you are liberals, rape, assault, burning buildings, and looting trucks on the highway is okay.

True liberalism prioritizes individual freedom from the government over the desire of the government to control our daily lives. The liberals protected freedom of speech, thought, property rights, and freedom of social practices such as freedom of worship against government intrusion. The academics that dominate the radical left have mastered doublespeak to the point that terms mean what they say they mean in order to promote a statist, totalitarian agenda. The worst examples are the clowns running around in black and face masks claiming to be the “Antifa” (anti-fascist) movement when they themselves are acting very much like fascists. Liberty requires accountability and acceptance of others. It does not explain away criminal behavior or treat people differently based on some artificial identity marker. Liberals developed the rule of law as a concept to fight against the implementation of a different set of laws based on identity or class.

We do not have to accept this. We do not have to be witnesses to the death of the American Dream. Do not allow the radical left to pervert the English language to promote their totalitarian worldview.

We need to reclaim our language and our principles, one nation, under God, indivisible with liberty and justice for all.


Democratic Death Knell

Sen. Barack Obama’s use of the phrase “typical white person” on a Philadelphia radio station has drawn waves of criticism. Is his use of such a phrase really shocking or surprising … given the flavor of the church Obama has been a member of the last twenty years? Not to me!

In the speech, the Democratic presidential hopeful spoke of his white grandmother “who once confessed her fear of black men who passed by her on the street” and who voiced stereotypes “that made me cringe.” Obama said his grandmother is simply “a typical white person who, if she sees somebody on the street that she doesn’t know, there’s a reaction that’s been bred into our experiences that don’t go away, and that sometimes come out in the wrong way, and that’s just the nature of race in our society.”

Seriously, folks … Barack Obama basically called all white people racist! Who is this presidential hopeful trying to fool? The Rev. Jeremiah Wright would be proud of his protege!

Just think … Hillary Clinton can’t even mention the word ‘black’ in the same paragraph with Barack Obama without being labeled a racist … and Obama gets away with calling all white people racist!

This just keeps getting better and better.

Inclusiveness and Diversity?


Wait … which party like to categorize by race? … Which party still pushes affirmative action policies that continue to promote hiring decisions or college entrance decisions based on race, gender, sexual preference, religion and/or ethnicity rather than skills and qualifications?

Maybe the “democratic” chickens have come home to roost!

I wonder what Bill Cosby, Sir Charles Barclay, Allen Keyes, Justice Clarence Thomas, or Halloran Hilton Hill think about all this?

Diversity – Because we can’t call it “Racism” anymore!

It is interesting that 37% of Hillary Clinton’s supporters say they will not vote for Barack Obama should he win the nomination, and 26% of Barack Obama’s supporters say they will not vote for Hillary Clinton should she win the nomination. That seems to be a big boost in numbers for McCain, which ever of the two win the nomination!

Is the Democratic Party self-destructing?

Obama / Clinton

Some claim that the Democrats did that back in 1972, when George McGovern and his left-wing hippies took control of the party. There have been nine presidential elections since then … and the Democrats have lost 6 of them. They are out there on the far left fringe and simply out of touch touch with the real American people of this country … and they have been for years.

Historically, the Democratic Party has always made the wrong moral choices. Before the Civil War, it favored slavery and … after the Civil War, it supported racial segregation (which is why I have always wondered why so many Black Americans tend to vote for democrats). Now … the Democratic Party supports abortion, homosexual marriage, and politically correct racism (termed diversity).

Many Democrats are beginning to fear that the increasingly bitter battle between Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton could bring real trouble for the Democrats in November. They are especially concerned that the primary contest is creating deep rifts that will divide the party no matter who wins the nomination. This is evidenced by the fact that among those polled, 37% of Hillary Clinton’s supporters say they will not vote for Barack Obama should he win the nomination, and 26% of Barack Obama’s supporters say they will not vote for Hillary Clinton should she win the nomination.

For some unknown reason, African Americans do constitute a key voting bloc for the Democratic party. By launching personal attacks on Obama, the Clinton campaign does run a real risk of alienating black voters in the fall. That could be fatal in a close race against the Republican nominee, John McCain.

On the other hand, if Barack Obama hits back, he runs the risk of alienating women voters who make up over half the Democratic base. Any lack of turnout among women voters would be devastating to the Democrats’ chances for success in November.

A new Zogby International poll released last week showed Republican candidate, John McCain leading both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama in trial heats of the race.

Also surprisingly, that same poll found that independent voters believe that McCain is better equipped to deal with the economy, an issue that many observers thought would benefit Democrats.

And that poll was taken before Obama gave his speech on race.

While the speech is playing to rave reviews from the liberal media commentariat; cooler political heads are waiting to see how it plays with voters who have had time to re-think t their views on Obama’s candidacy. Polls taken after Obama’s speech still show Clinton is widening her lead over Obama in Pennsylvania.

Another sign is that the Democratic Party failed to reach a resolution over seating the delegates from Florida and Michigan last week. This failure will help ensure that the matter will continue to fester and that may, in fact, jeopardize the Democratic Party’s chance of carrying either state in the November election.

The Zogby’s poll, taken on March 13 and 14, shows John McCain leading Hillary Clinton, 47 % to 39 %. Independent spoiler, Ralph Nader, gets 6 %. The rest are still undecided or voting for non-viable candidates.

The same poll also shows John McCain ahead of Barack Obama, 45 % to 39 %, with Nader getting 5 %, and the rest similarly scattered.

This poll has a margin of error of 3.2 percentage points.

When asked which of the candidates would be best able handle the nation’s economy, independent voters gave the stamp of approval to John McCain; 29 % of them said McCain would be better, 21 % said Hillary Clinton would be better, and 21 % said Barack Obama would be better.

“There’s a lot going on here,” said pollster John Zogby in an interview. “The question reveals what happens when the Democratic Party is badly split.”

John Zogby also said McCain hasn’t spelled out much of an economic-recovery plan, other than saying the Bush tax cuts should be made permanent. John Zogby also said that McCain once joked that he didn’t know much about the economy.

While what Zogby says about McCain may be true, must of us realize that economically speaking, all Clinton and Obama really know how to do is … raise taxes and spend more of our hard earned money! We cannot afford either of them!

John McCain As The Alternative Choice?

John McCain does, for the time being, seem to have the upper hand with independent voters and, it looks like … at least in this election … whoever wins the independent voters wins the election.

This primary contest is taking a huge toll among Democrats. Hillary Clinton’s ad attacking Obama over national security may have, in fact, hurt both Democrats. When Zogby asked voters the question: Which candidate do they want to answer the phone in the White House at 3 a.m.?

Their answer was: John McCain.

Specifically, in a McCain-Obama race, the Zogby poll shows that 56 % say they want McCain to pick up the phone, while only 35 % say Obama. Similarly, in a McCain-Clinton match-up, the poll shows that 55 % want McCain to answer that phone, and only 37 % want Clinton to answer.

And, as mentioned earlier, polls also indicate a growing number of Democrats would be dissatisfied if their candidate lost. Back during the Iowa caucus campaign, many Democrats in the state said they liked all their choices and were having a hard time deciding. Now, there are about a fifth of the Democrats who support one of the two finalists who say they’d be dissatisfied if the other won the nomination.

And … the collapse of Hillary Clinton’s push to hold do-over primaries in Florida and Michigan means the issue could go to the floor of the national convention for what would be a highly emotional battle. And … that would also mean that the superdelegates are likely to be the ones who pick the Democratic nominee.

The loser’s supporters will have real trouble accepting that turn of events.

The Democratic party should have learned its lesson in 1968! Because American voters do understand that a party that can’t run its own affairs … can’t run the country, either.