Bad Ass Burger

Bad Ass Burger at Bad Daddy’s Burger Bar

Imagine if you will, a massive 10 oz. Angus Beef beef patty cooked to order with American cheese, and buttermilk batter-dipped deep-fried bacon. Then add horseradish mayo, lettuce, tomato, and a pickle.


Book Review: American Assassin by Vince Flynn

American Assassin: An exciting read from start to finish! Mitch Rapp is a trained assassin on a mission. His mission is to rid the world of terrorism one terrorist at a time. Since reading this book, I have learned that the Mitch Rapp series first appeared on bookshelves in 1999 with the release of Transfer…

Freedom Five Star Review book signing skadoosh Great Review

Skadoosh! Another ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Review!

That’s right, I wrote Skadoosh! I am celebrating another Five Star Review for Serpents Underfoot! What is skadoosh, you may ask? It’s a secret technique from the movie, Kung Fu Panda.  The “word” kind of stuck in my brain. I use it as an exclamation of thankful appreciation, kind of like ‘Bingo” or “Yippee.” My novel,…

Freedom Five Star Review book signing skadoosh Great Review

Book Signing at McKay’s Books in Knoxville!

My Very First Book Signing … Hello friends! I will be having my very first book signing on Tuesday, February 27th, from 12:00 to 3:00 pm at McKay’s Books in Knoxville, Tennessee. This is pretty exciting! It is a lot of work establishing yourself and getting your name out there. Every little bit certainly helps. If…

Freedom Five Star Review book signing skadoosh Great Review

Thanks, Martha, for the Five Star Review!

Another Five Star Review for Serpents Underfoot! Thank you, Martha, for your thoughtful comments and great Five Star Review on That makes 6 so far! I continue to be surprised by the number of women who enjoy this book. I think Martha’s review shed some light on this for me.  While it is a…

thank you - New Novel

Two More Five Star Reviews for Serpents Underfoot!

Thank you for the Five Star Reviews! Wow!  Two new Five Star reviews! Thank you very much to Danny Smith and Eric Ewald for their great reviews of Serpents Underfoot. It is one thing to publish a novel. It is quite another thing to have somebody actually read it and enjoy it enough to take…