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A Few Random Thoughts …

Thought #1:

Well … Progressives and Liberals have found something else protest … other Protesters.  It is amazing to me that the ideology that brought us the Vietnam War protesters, Green Peace,  Code Pink, the Million Mom March, gay rights protestors, anti-nuke protestors, anti-Bush protestors, pro-Snail Darter protestors, ACORN, etc, etc, ad nauseum … can’t stand a little competition.  So … when regular Americans show up at a town hall meeting to voice (yes … sometimes loudly) their distrust of and anger at the horrible health care reform bill that Obama is determined to ram down America’s throat, left wing leaders call them Nazis, compare them to Timothy McVeigh and hooded KKK members. 

I guess this should really come as no surprise … coming from the folks that provided us with these gems:




Of course …  to be fair … we all know that most left wing progressive protests are spontaneous; and therefore, certainly have no interest in rocking the political boat!   Seriously folks …  there simply aren’t any left wing political groups with political agendas and connections; that plan, coordinate, and carry out protests against their political opponents! 

Do you want to know what the key point hidden in all this is? The point that most folks have missed in all of this fanfare?   It is quite simply this: 

Conservatives do not, as a rule, protest.  Therefore … if you actually have conservatives angry enought to protest … you might want to take a pretty close look at why!

Thought #2:

If socialism works so well, why is Cuba running out of toilet paper?

Thought #3:

How is the fact that UPS and FEDEX are doing well … and that the U.S. Postal Service is in trouble … an endorsement  for a federal run health care system?

Thought #4: 

Since the 1017 page House version of the health care reform bill (which amazingly enough, Obama is not familiar with many sections of) is written in some kind of alien form of bureaucratic English that can barely be decoded by earthlings,  and therefore is largely open to interpretation; what is wrong with these interpretations:

  • Page 16:  States that if you have insurance at the time of the bill becoming law and change, you will be required to take a similar plan. If that is not available, you will be required to take the government option!
  • Page 22:  Mandates audits of all employers that self-insure!
  • Page 29:  Admission: your health care will be rationed!
  • Page 30: A government committee will decide what treatments and benefits you get (and, unlike an insurer, there will be no appeals process)
  • Page 42:  The “Health Choices Commissioner” will decide health benefits for you. You will have no choice. None.
  • Page 50:  All non-US citizens, illegal or not, will be provided with free healthcare services.
  • Page 58:  Every person will be issued a National ID Healthcard.
  • Page 59:  The federal government will have direct, real-time access to all individual bank accounts for electronic funds transfer.
  • Page 65:  Taxpayers will subsidize all union retiree and community organizer health plans (example: SEIU, UAW and ACORN)
  • Page 72:  All private healthcare plans must conform to government rules to participate in a Healthcare Exchange.
  • Page 84:  All private healthcare plans must participate in the Healthcare Exchange (i.e., total government control of private plans)
  • Page 91:  Government mandates linguistic infrastructure for services; translation: illegal aliens
  • Page 95:  The Government will pay ACORN and Americorps to sign up individuals for Government-run Health Care plan.
  • Page 102:  Those eligible for Medicaid will be automatically enrolled: you have no choice in the matter.
  • Page 124:  No company can sue the government for price-fixing. No “judicial review” is permitted against the government monopoly. Put simply, private insurers will be crushed.
  • Page 127:  The AMA sold doctors out: the government will set wages.

Thought #5:

How do you have a serious discussion about health care insurance reform without discussing:

  •  Allowing Americans to shop for health insurance across state lines.
  • TORT Reform.
  • Controlling malpractice insurance premium costs for physicians.

Vets For Freedom

I saw a pitch for this Freedom Tour on Fox News the other morning and I checked it out. Looks like a really great idea to me. I think this kind of thing is needed more in this country! We get bombarded with the “anti-war, code pink, veterans against the war” crap all the time. It is about time a little fairness be given to the success and efforts our troops have achieved in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Vets For Freedom Mission Statement

Vets for Freedom is a nonpartisan organization established by combat veterans of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Our mission is to educate the American public about the importance of achieving success in these conflicts by applying our first-hand knowledge to issues of American strategy and tactics in Iraq.

We support policymakers from both sides of the aisle who have stood behind our great generation of American warriors on the battlefield.

This post from the “soldiers blog” at vetsforfreedom.org sums it up nicely!

Marines find Ramadi more welcoming than Berkeley
California city officials would banish them

BERKELEY – “The Marines are unwelcome here.” These weren’t the comments of a banana republic dictator or the rantings of a religious radical. These were the words of Tom Bates, the elected mayor of Berkeley.

It’s difficult to match up the animosity of the residents of Berkeley, Calif., USA, with the residents of Ramadi, Anbar, Iraq. I met Ramadis who were so happy to have the Marines among them that they literally hugged and kissed them on the streets.

Children made high-five signs when they saw Marines of the 3rd battalion 7th Marines on patrol and residents insisted they come in to drink chai and eat goats the hosts were willing to kill in their honor.One resident grumbled the Marines of the 2nd battalion 5th Marines never stayed long enough after dinner. Iraqis are very hospitable and dinner can last several hours and long into the night.

Marine “inside the wire.” The year before no one could remove their Kevlar (helmet) outside the building.

Of course, Ramadi was no cakewalk. In 2005, the Marines told of having to run during the entire patrol. A moving, erratic target made it harder for an eager sniper to pick off a Marine. That was a tough time for the 3rd battalion 7th Marines Kilo Company, as told by Cpl. Tar Po.

Po was born in Burma. His family fled that Southeast Asian nation because of the political situation. Thanks to an aunt, the corporal’s parents moved the family to California when he was just five years old. Po sailed through the school system until he hit a few bumps in his teenage years.

“I was hanging out with the wrong crowd,” said the corporal, in his early 20s. He participated in the JROTC to join the Navy, but decided to join the Marine Corps after meeting a gunnery sergeant who impressed him.

“He kept me out of big trouble,” said Po, who later confessed that he wanted to join the Corps to “blow things up.” His teenage years were turbulent and the corporal still regrets putting his parents through so much grief. He joined the Marine Corps on an “open contract” and eventually became a 0311, “a grunt”, a rifleman.

Like many young men and women recruited during a time of war, Po had no illusions. Most of the people I spoke to in Iraq and Afghanistan had joined after the start of hostilities. They signed up during a time of war.

Some veterans will tell you they don’t miss the service, but they do miss their buddies. Sharing an extreme burden makes people bond. These Marines in the “downtown” barracks near the Ramadi government center lived under often bleak conditions, but these quarters and Marines had some of the highest morale in Iraq

We were standing in Ramadi, the sun was beating down hot and we were in full battle rattle. After loading up the vehicle for a convoy we headed for the chow hall, a makeshift building where Marines served meals out of robust Mermite containers. It was going to be a long day.

“I wanted to come to Iraq,” said Po in a quiet voice that made him seem younger.

Choosing to come to a war zone is difficult enough for war protesters back in Berkeley to understand, but it makes sense to any military recruiter. To Po’s generation, the generation whose parents posted “Baby on Board” signs in their rear window, the idea of risk and danger are not only appealing, for the few, there is a yearning to rise to a challenge so as not to fall to mediocrity.

Po got his share of danger when on Oct. 11, 2005, while rolling down Michigan Avenue, his convoy was hit by a pressure plate IED.

After such a severe injury, Po could have left the Marine Corps. He could have gotten out and no one would have blamed him. His scar was an impressive gash across his arm, there were marks from the needle surgeons had pushed in and out of his skin. But Po chose to go back.

After only a couple of weeks in country, Po was injured again during a patrol. His arm was split open. Within hours, he was out of the country, on a military flight to Germany, at least that is what he was told. He actually doesn’t remember much until he got back home to California.

It’s one thing to go into the “unknown” to test one’s limits, this is the motive for many who seek adventure or just want to see what they can stand. It’s quite another to be wounded seriously and head back to a war zone.

Times Square, New York. A small explosion hit this recruiting center where many protesters demonstrate. Ono this site, over 60 years ago, celebrating World War II veterans returned and a sailor kissed a nurse in one of the most famous photographs ever.

At home, Po spent much time recuperating, but rest wasn’t always on his mind.

“I really felt that I had let the other Marines down, like I wasn’t doing my job.”

The events that changed the corporal’s life weren’t strictly limited to his wounds.

“I respect my parents more than ever, they were there for me the whole time. I’m sorry I put them through so much.”

After surgeries, therapy and much pain, the next question was obvious.>

“No, I’ve never regretted becoming a Marine. It’s one of the best experiences of my life.”

Down the Bay from Berkeley, the Fremont Marine recruiting station is next to a shopping center, and just a stone’s throw away from the Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) Station. This is an affluent area nestled near a chain of hills that run along the San Francisco Bay. If you visit the recruiting station, you’ll see a few Marines hanging out with a couple of “poolees”, young men and women who are about to join the Marine Corps. These are the ones who have passed the battery of tests that the majority of applicants will fail.

“Of every 10 people who are interested, only about three are qualified,” said Staff Sgt. Felton C. Williams, the U.S. Marine Corps recruiter for the Fremont area. After completing the first part of the process, the screening, the poolees will become recruits at Marine basic training. Anywhere from 10 to 30 percent of those recruits will not finish the initial training.

Groups like Code Pink and The World Can’t Wait shouted for a ban against the Marines and yet young men and women will seek out the Corps, looking for something they can’t find elsewhere.

“It’s business as usual. We aren’t planning to move that office,” Gunnery Sgt. Pauline Franklin said Monday. “We’ve been recruiting qualified men and women for 232 years. That’s not going to stop now.”

“We failed our city,” said Gordon Wozniak, who was one of three council members who voted against the original declaration. “We embarrassed our city.”

“It hurts to see what some of the people back home, saying the war is pointless,” said Po wincing, the gash on his bare arm impossible to hide. It was a bright sunny day in Ramadi and we were about to convoy to a meeting at the city council. In fact, we were going near the road where Po was wounded.

“They just don’t know,” said the corporal. If anyone had the right to complain about the presence of Marines in a city, surely it was this young Marine who was on his second tour.

On Shattuck Street, Berkeley, this Officer Selection Office was the center of a firestorm surrounding the presence of Marines in Berkeley. After the incident, the Marines are still present.

Who will defend the citizens of Berkeley should they come to some danger? The answer is those same Marines who are willing to be wounded and still return to duty. After a couple of days and a bit of pressure, the mayor of Berkeley and most of his city council members have capitulated in defeat.

Fortunately, as “intruders” the Marines are made of much tougher stuff. If the Marines were able to tame Ramadi, a city that was proclaimed the religious capital of al-Qaida in Iraq by members of that organization, the Marines won’t be swayed by a couple of people protesting.

Despite all the commotion about Berkeley, there was an upside to this story.

“More people inquired about becoming a Marine officer,” said Officer Selection Officer Captain Richard Lund with some hesitation. Not everyone who wants to become a Marine can, but those who do, like Cpl. Tar Po, truly are the few.

Watch For The Heroes Tour

Vets for Freedom is the largest Iraq and Afghanistan veterans organization in America. Many of America’s most decorated war heroes from Iraq and Afghanistan have packed their bags and are hitting the road on a national bus tour to take their non-partisan message of progress and freedom from coast-to-coast.

The Vets for Freedom National Heroes Tour is about supporting our troops, honoring their commitment, and rallying the country to complete the missions in Iraq and Afghanistan.I agree that at this critical time in our country, we do “need Americans, lawmakers and the media, to fully recognize—and appreciate—the sacrifice of our brave military and the dramatic success they have achieved, especially in Iraq with the new counterinsurgency strategy.”

Tour dates and locations can be found at their website.

The Code Pink Stink!

Code Pink

Code Pink Stink

What is it with these left-wing numbskulls in Berkeley? Berkeley erupted in violence Tuesday morning when the communist, terrorist-supporting, feminist anti-war group, known as Code Pink, crossed into Martin Luther King Park and assaulted peacefully demonstrating pro-troop individuals Berkeley police stood by and watched, but did not stop the assaults.

Police agencies did not respond to calls for help from the peaceful demonstrators.

The Peoples Republic of Berkeley’s city council passed several resolutions, one to send a letter to the U.S. Marines telling them that their recruiters were “unwelcome intruders’ to the city.

The public outrage at Berkeley’s actions prompted them to reconsider their resolution and to not to send the letter. But they still consider the Marines unwelcome intruders.

Move America Forward, the nation’s largest pro-troops organization, received permits from the City of Berkeley to stage a day long demonstration in MLK Park to protest the City Council’s three outrageous resolutions.

It is fruitless to point out to these left-wing liberal wackos that they are protesting the very same Marines who would voluntarily fight to the death to defend their lunatic right to have this anti-American and rather treasonous viewpoint. You just can’t argue with the stubbornly stupid!

Protesting the War on Terror is one thing. I get that! I might not agree, but I get it! However, denigrating, hating, insulting, and calling for the murder of our nation’s young men and women who volunteer to serve our country … and put themselves in harms way for our protection and benefit is another! Maybe we should just load all the Berkeley fruit loops up and ship them to Iran. I am sure Ahmadinejad would be very sympathetic to their cause … or, better yet, he may just cut their tongues out.

Economic Stimulus Joke

Stacks of Money

We, as Americans, have sunk to a new low … economically speaking. Panic over a slow down in the growth of the economy has caused the anti-bush coalition to run around screaming recession, and as a result we now have a new economic stimulus package.

Every taxpayer is going to receive a whopping $600, or $1,200 for a couple, and don’t forget the $300 per kid. This is supposed to help us ease our financial woes and, of course, to bribe us vote to re-elect our local incumbent representative or senator … you know … the one who felt our pain and kicked us a little mad money.

But this kind of government meddling is not the cure for our economic woes. It is the root cause!

The real facts are that the key economic activity that causes economic growth is not consumer spending … but production. The real truth is that consumer spending is slowing because production is slowing.

Production does not require stimulation from the government; it needs liberation from government meddling. A productive, healthy economy requires a government that restricts itself to protecting property rights, and refrains from meddling in free production and trade

Folks, it is our own financial irresponsibility that has gotten us into this mess (can you say sub-prime mortgages, credit card debt, no savings, and living beyond our means).

The government must take some blame for the current sub-prime mortgage disaster. After all, the Federal Reserve wrought havoc with the markets by manipulating interest rates, first setting them below the rate of inflation and then quintupling them.

This policy fooled many sub-prime borrowers into thinking that if they took out mortgages tied to federal interest rates, they could afford homes that they normally wouldn’t be able to. In this way, the Fed’s artificially low rates fueled a borrowing spree and housing bubble that were instrumental in the sub-prime disaster.

Then there is the housing entities backed by the government, like Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. These entities were big champions of sub-prime lending and big supporters of the idea that everyone needs to own a home to live the American Dream.

Because of these influences, it is no wonder that so many people with poor credit bought expensive homes that they new they could not really afford, and that so many less-than-ethical financial institutions loaned them the money. And … it is no surprise that all hell broke loose once the unsustainable could no longer be sustained. In a free market market, private lenders and borrowers simply don’t act like this.

The government’s borrowing more money and increasing the deficit … just to give us each $600 each … is nonsense. What will that get you: a few weeks’ groceries, maybe make a car payment, or buy some new toy? Our government wants you to go out and spend that $600 to artificially improve economic figures in the short term. This is a sad joke and we will still have to pay the piper in the long run!

If the government, in order to appease fiscal alarmists, is going to give me $600 … I guess I will have to take it. But, if you are smart … you will bank the $600… or pay off some debt!

An economic stimulus package that included drastically cutting government regulation and spending (and thus taxation) is almost unimaginable … and that, my friends, is so, so sad!

Deficit Danger

End The Deficit

One problem that concerns me about the deficit more than its actual size, is that we are letting countries like Saudi Arabia and China buy our debt. The government can handle the deficit through various means such as reducing out-of-control spending, cutting taxes, spending our tax dollars wisely, creating jobs, leaving the economy alone and letting it grow, etc.

One thing many Americans forget to consider about is that Saudi Arabia, China, and several other nations are busily buying up our national debt. Some argue that this is a good thing because it ties their economies to ours, and helps to ensure their interest in a strong American economy. Well, sure it does! But … where do the interest payments go, were do the profits go when the economy improves and the deficit comes down … to Saudi Arabia, China, and those other nations. Does anyone else see a problem with this situation. I certainly do! We need that interest and those profits to stay in our economy … not leave for foreign shores. Think about it!



Immigrants, not Americans, should adapt. I sick and tired of the “politically correct” left-wing liberals constant worrying about whether we are somehow offending some individual or their culture. After the terrorist attacks on 9/11, we experienced a real surge in patriotism by the majority of Americans. However, as soon as the dust from the attacks had begun to settle, the “politically correct” left-wing liberal crowd again began its nonsense about the possibility that our patriotism was somehow offending others.

As I have stated before, I am certainly not against immigration, as long as it is LEGAL immigration After all, our population is almost entirely made up of the descendants of immigrants. These immigrants came here, worked hard, learned English, and became proud Americans. However, that is not the case with many of these new and often, illegal, immigrants and I think there are a few things that those who have recently come to our country, and apparently some that were born here, need to come to grips with.

This idea of America being a multicultural community has served only to dilute our sovereignty and our national identity. As Americans, we have our own culture, our own society, our own language and our own lifestyle. This culture has been developed over centuries of struggles, trials, and victories by millions of men and women who have sought freedom.

We speak ENGLISH, not Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, or any other language. Therefore, if you wish to become part of our society, learn the language!

“In God We Trust” is our national motto. This is not some Christian, right wing, political slogan. We adopted this motto as a nation because Christian men and women founded this nation on Christian principles. This is clearly documented if you simply look. It is certainly appropriate to display it on the walls of our schools and other public buildings. If God offends you, then I suggest you consider another part of the world as your new home, because God is part of our culture.

If the American flag offends you, or you don’t like the National Anthem, then you should seriously consider moving to another country. We are happy with our culture and have no desire to change, and we really don’t care how you did things where you came from. This is OUR COUNTRY, our land, and our lifestyle.

Our First Amendment gives every citizen the right to express his or her opinion … and we will allow you every opportunity to do so. And … our second Amendment helps us to insure that we get to keep the First Amendment. Once you are done complaining, whining, and griping about our flag, our pledge, our national motto, my guns, and the American way of life, I would strongly encourage you to consider taking advantage of another American freedom, THE RIGHT TO MOVE.