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Dude ….. really!!

President Barack Obama addresses the House Dem...
President Barack Obama addresses the House Democratic Caucus Issues Conference in Williamsburg, Virginia. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Obama’s presidential campaign is picking up steam and we can already see how ugly it is going to get. Not only has Obama has broken every campaign promise he made. but his policies have steadily worsened an already bad economy. They have done  so so efficiently that one wonders if it could be “on purpose.”  While spouting catchy slogans that too many Americans fall for hook, line, and sinker … he attacks one American ideal after another; religious freedom, free trade, property rights, the middle class, hard work rewarded with success (and not punitive, ever-increasing taxation), and freedom of choice, etc. His minions giggle gleefully as he give $15 million to a Canadian solar company that employees two (yes … that is correct …  “2”) employes on its site in Nevada and calls it an investment in “green energy.” One wonders what underhanded task was performed, or how much money was bundled by that company, for him?

Our first “Gay President” has shown he has a true gift for propaganda (spreading bull shit) and that too many Americans have become so lazy in their thinking and work ethic … that they gleefully jump on his socialist band wagon like a bunch a crack whores looking for their next fix. It is absolutely disgusting!!

This country is being dragged by the nose  into a downward spiral leading to a ” Greek or France” like economy …. and far too many Americans are blindly skipping along in tune; rather than kicking and screaming.  Is this because Obama promises them free “stuff” that in reality he can never provide because the country simply cannot afford it?  Have Americans become that lazy … or just corrupted by to many entitlement programs?

Is his campaign really going to be based on poorly sourced claims about Romney’s high school days as a possible “bully”? I guess it is … since his liberal press lap-dogs lap that crap up like candy and regurgitate is dutifully. Not surprisingly, his lap-dogs will never mention Obama’s college years marijuana or cocaine use! After all, he sends shivers up their collective liberal legs!

God help America! If true Americans do not stand up and eject this treasonous, anti-American from the Office of the President, we deserve exactly what we get!

Will Barack Obama Come Clean?

Posted Yesterday By Larry Sinclair

“Lately it seems that people have wanted to focus on my past as if I had been hiding something. Even though I have always stated I do not run from, nor hide from my past actions at any point in my life. Remember, I am not the one running for President. But Obama and I have something in common because HE sold cocaine as well. While attacking my decisions in the past, these same people want myself and others to allow Barack Obama to receive votes without being looked at, questioned, or investigated in any matter that David Axelrod does not submit as allowable to the media. Are Barack Obama’s past decisions not important here?Now would someone explain to me, your neighbors and the media in general, why is it that I am placed under this microscope by Obama supporters, and Obama surrogates yet we, as a nation , refuse to question the past of a man asking to be President of the United States.

Why is it “a smear campaign” when Obama is asked a direct question regarding his past, yet to question any other candidates past it is called the political process? Why does Obama refuse to answer questions unless they are presented by the campaign’s hand picked media outlets? Why has Barack Obama and David Axelrod refused to turn over records, requested in writing, that are supposed to be open to the public?

Barack Obama IS a liar and Barack Obama DID use crack cocaine in November of 1999, and Barack Obama did SALE COCAINE in November 1999, to me, because I gave the money for the cocaine to BARACK OBAMA, and Barack Obama handed the cocaine to me. That is the transaction, and that constitutes Barack Obama selling me cocaine.

Now people can say the sex issue is the point, I disagree. People have tried repeatedly to make the issue the sexual encounters and it has never been about that. People better start waking up, asking the real questions and stop thinking that Obama is above his past or his associates. History has shown us over and over again, people seeking public office have never really cut their ties from their past. In fact if history is any indication, people seeking power maintain those connections and use them to aide in their efforts to reach their goal.

Barack Obama will either come clean about his past on his own, or the same people pushing him down the throats of others, will, in the end, be the ones to bring him down. Obama either faces these FACTS while he still has time to ask the American people for forgiveness and understanding, or he continues to operate as he and his campaign have and by November 2008 he will have ruined any chance he will ever have for the office he seeks. Not to mention the real chance of losing his Senate seat as well. Barack Obama, David Axelrod, the DNC and the MSM have and continue to, tell the American people that Barack Obama’s actions and decision are not important? I beg to differ.”