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What can an individual do to support our troops?

1200px-25th_Infantry_Division_CSIB.svgWhatever we can do to support our troops, we should!  I was messaging with my nephew who is with the 4/25th and currently stationed in Afghanistan. He is attached to my old unit … the 1/501st Parachute Regiment.  The 1/501st was airborne during WW II. However, when I was serving post-Vietnam, it had transitioned to the 1/501st Air Assault Regiment (Geronimo).  I guess they have now switched back to airborne. Things change.

My daughter periodically puts together packages and sends them to his unit when it is overseas. She has made quite an art of it, including weird things … however, things that they really need such as flea collars. I guess for sand fleas? I got to thinking about what I can send.

Soldiers often love to read!

support our troopsI did. I read all of Louis L’ Amour’s books at least twice when I was serving in the Army! I also read many other books by many authors. My nephew was telling me that his Dad had sent him a copy of my book and how much he really enjoyed reading it.  He also said that all the members of his platoon were waiting their turn to read it.  Maybe even some soldiers from the 1/501st wouldn’t mind reading it!  Then it hit me.  I can send them several copies of my book. So, that is what I am doing. I am putting together a shipment of my books to send over to his unit in Afghanistan. It is a small part I can play to support our troops and I think they really will enjoy it!

What can you do to support our troops!

I am sure you can think of something you can do … even if it is just thanking them for their service when they get home!

Barack Obama: Extortion 17 to Benghazi


Extortion 17:  I think it is time true Americans stand and be counted.  It is truly no longer a time to “accept the things we cannot change.”  It is time to change the things we cannot accept.

Want some truth?

Seal Team 6, America’s most elite special operations team, was sent to their slaughter in the most obscenely mismanaged military failure in recent Naval history.  93 days after Seal Team 6 got Osama Bin Laden (we should not even know this) they were stupidly sent to their death in what was probably an Al Qaeda planned ambush.  Joe Biden put the targets on their backs, Obama‘s “Rules of Engagement” let it happen.  They were sent into a landing zone in the middle of 3 hour long battle, in a slow moving 28-year-old CH-47D Chinook because our military does not have enough MH-47s … and with no pre-landing suppressive fire (those troublesome rules of engagement again).

Want some more truth?

In the 11 years we have been waging war in Afghanistan, 79% of those killed or wounded have been under Obama’s leadership.  During the 8 years of the Bush administration, 2072 American soldiers came home wounded from Iraq/Afghanistan.  In only the last 3 years under Obama, 14,977 American soldiers have come home wounded.  Obama increases the number of American soldiers being wounded in action almost as fast as he increases our debt!

Who would you rather have in charge if your son or daughter was serving in our military?  I served in the military.  American sons and daughters volunteer to fight to defend  the country they love; not to be sent in to be sacrificed or slaughtered because of some radical leftist president’s ideological love-fest with radical Muslims.

Did you ever stop to wonder what Obama and Clinton were trying so hard to cover up in Benghazi?  (I mean, besides their sheer incompetence)  Maybe … missiles to Syria?  Just asking …

Vets For Freedom

I saw a pitch for this Freedom Tour on Fox News the other morning and I checked it out. Looks like a really great idea to me. I think this kind of thing is needed more in this country! We get bombarded with the “anti-war, code pink, veterans against the war” crap all the time. It is about time a little fairness be given to the success and efforts our troops have achieved in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Vets For Freedom Mission Statement

Vets for Freedom is a nonpartisan organization established by combat veterans of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Our mission is to educate the American public about the importance of achieving success in these conflicts by applying our first-hand knowledge to issues of American strategy and tactics in Iraq.

We support policymakers from both sides of the aisle who have stood behind our great generation of American warriors on the battlefield.

This post from the “soldiers blog” at vetsforfreedom.org sums it up nicely!

Marines find Ramadi more welcoming than Berkeley
California city officials would banish them

BERKELEY – “The Marines are unwelcome here.” These weren’t the comments of a banana republic dictator or the rantings of a religious radical. These were the words of Tom Bates, the elected mayor of Berkeley.

It’s difficult to match up the animosity of the residents of Berkeley, Calif., USA, with the residents of Ramadi, Anbar, Iraq. I met Ramadis who were so happy to have the Marines among them that they literally hugged and kissed them on the streets.

Children made high-five signs when they saw Marines of the 3rd battalion 7th Marines on patrol and residents insisted they come in to drink chai and eat goats the hosts were willing to kill in their honor.One resident grumbled the Marines of the 2nd battalion 5th Marines never stayed long enough after dinner. Iraqis are very hospitable and dinner can last several hours and long into the night.

Marine “inside the wire.” The year before no one could remove their Kevlar (helmet) outside the building.

Of course, Ramadi was no cakewalk. In 2005, the Marines told of having to run during the entire patrol. A moving, erratic target made it harder for an eager sniper to pick off a Marine. That was a tough time for the 3rd battalion 7th Marines Kilo Company, as told by Cpl. Tar Po.

Po was born in Burma. His family fled that Southeast Asian nation because of the political situation. Thanks to an aunt, the corporal’s parents moved the family to California when he was just five years old. Po sailed through the school system until he hit a few bumps in his teenage years.

“I was hanging out with the wrong crowd,” said the corporal, in his early 20s. He participated in the JROTC to join the Navy, but decided to join the Marine Corps after meeting a gunnery sergeant who impressed him.

“He kept me out of big trouble,” said Po, who later confessed that he wanted to join the Corps to “blow things up.” His teenage years were turbulent and the corporal still regrets putting his parents through so much grief. He joined the Marine Corps on an “open contract” and eventually became a 0311, “a grunt”, a rifleman.

Like many young men and women recruited during a time of war, Po had no illusions. Most of the people I spoke to in Iraq and Afghanistan had joined after the start of hostilities. They signed up during a time of war.

Some veterans will tell you they don’t miss the service, but they do miss their buddies. Sharing an extreme burden makes people bond. These Marines in the “downtown” barracks near the Ramadi government center lived under often bleak conditions, but these quarters and Marines had some of the highest morale in Iraq

We were standing in Ramadi, the sun was beating down hot and we were in full battle rattle. After loading up the vehicle for a convoy we headed for the chow hall, a makeshift building where Marines served meals out of robust Mermite containers. It was going to be a long day.

“I wanted to come to Iraq,” said Po in a quiet voice that made him seem younger.

Choosing to come to a war zone is difficult enough for war protesters back in Berkeley to understand, but it makes sense to any military recruiter. To Po’s generation, the generation whose parents posted “Baby on Board” signs in their rear window, the idea of risk and danger are not only appealing, for the few, there is a yearning to rise to a challenge so as not to fall to mediocrity.

Po got his share of danger when on Oct. 11, 2005, while rolling down Michigan Avenue, his convoy was hit by a pressure plate IED.

After such a severe injury, Po could have left the Marine Corps. He could have gotten out and no one would have blamed him. His scar was an impressive gash across his arm, there were marks from the needle surgeons had pushed in and out of his skin. But Po chose to go back.

After only a couple of weeks in country, Po was injured again during a patrol. His arm was split open. Within hours, he was out of the country, on a military flight to Germany, at least that is what he was told. He actually doesn’t remember much until he got back home to California.

It’s one thing to go into the “unknown” to test one’s limits, this is the motive for many who seek adventure or just want to see what they can stand. It’s quite another to be wounded seriously and head back to a war zone.

Times Square, New York. A small explosion hit this recruiting center where many protesters demonstrate. Ono this site, over 60 years ago, celebrating World War II veterans returned and a sailor kissed a nurse in one of the most famous photographs ever.

At home, Po spent much time recuperating, but rest wasn’t always on his mind.

“I really felt that I had let the other Marines down, like I wasn’t doing my job.”

The events that changed the corporal’s life weren’t strictly limited to his wounds.

“I respect my parents more than ever, they were there for me the whole time. I’m sorry I put them through so much.”

After surgeries, therapy and much pain, the next question was obvious.>

“No, I’ve never regretted becoming a Marine. It’s one of the best experiences of my life.”

Down the Bay from Berkeley, the Fremont Marine recruiting station is next to a shopping center, and just a stone’s throw away from the Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) Station. This is an affluent area nestled near a chain of hills that run along the San Francisco Bay. If you visit the recruiting station, you’ll see a few Marines hanging out with a couple of “poolees”, young men and women who are about to join the Marine Corps. These are the ones who have passed the battery of tests that the majority of applicants will fail.

“Of every 10 people who are interested, only about three are qualified,” said Staff Sgt. Felton C. Williams, the U.S. Marine Corps recruiter for the Fremont area. After completing the first part of the process, the screening, the poolees will become recruits at Marine basic training. Anywhere from 10 to 30 percent of those recruits will not finish the initial training.

Groups like Code Pink and The World Can’t Wait shouted for a ban against the Marines and yet young men and women will seek out the Corps, looking for something they can’t find elsewhere.

“It’s business as usual. We aren’t planning to move that office,” Gunnery Sgt. Pauline Franklin said Monday. “We’ve been recruiting qualified men and women for 232 years. That’s not going to stop now.”

“We failed our city,” said Gordon Wozniak, who was one of three council members who voted against the original declaration. “We embarrassed our city.”

“It hurts to see what some of the people back home, saying the war is pointless,” said Po wincing, the gash on his bare arm impossible to hide. It was a bright sunny day in Ramadi and we were about to convoy to a meeting at the city council. In fact, we were going near the road where Po was wounded.

“They just don’t know,” said the corporal. If anyone had the right to complain about the presence of Marines in a city, surely it was this young Marine who was on his second tour.

On Shattuck Street, Berkeley, this Officer Selection Office was the center of a firestorm surrounding the presence of Marines in Berkeley. After the incident, the Marines are still present.

Who will defend the citizens of Berkeley should they come to some danger? The answer is those same Marines who are willing to be wounded and still return to duty. After a couple of days and a bit of pressure, the mayor of Berkeley and most of his city council members have capitulated in defeat.

Fortunately, as “intruders” the Marines are made of much tougher stuff. If the Marines were able to tame Ramadi, a city that was proclaimed the religious capital of al-Qaida in Iraq by members of that organization, the Marines won’t be swayed by a couple of people protesting.

Despite all the commotion about Berkeley, there was an upside to this story.

“More people inquired about becoming a Marine officer,” said Officer Selection Officer Captain Richard Lund with some hesitation. Not everyone who wants to become a Marine can, but those who do, like Cpl. Tar Po, truly are the few.

Watch For The Heroes Tour

Vets for Freedom is the largest Iraq and Afghanistan veterans organization in America. Many of America’s most decorated war heroes from Iraq and Afghanistan have packed their bags and are hitting the road on a national bus tour to take their non-partisan message of progress and freedom from coast-to-coast.

The Vets for Freedom National Heroes Tour is about supporting our troops, honoring their commitment, and rallying the country to complete the missions in Iraq and Afghanistan.I agree that at this critical time in our country, we do “need Americans, lawmakers and the media, to fully recognize—and appreciate—the sacrifice of our brave military and the dramatic success they have achieved, especially in Iraq with the new counterinsurgency strategy.”

Tour dates and locations can be found at their website.

Afghan Journalist Sentenced To Die For Article Download!

Ok … Ok, I know all the progressive, left-wing liberals out there in la-la land believe the United States of America is the true evil empire and that we should be more tolerant of other cultures …. embrace the Taliban … and be more understanding of Osama Bin Laden’s noble war to bring truth to the unenlightened Western infidels and to correct all that is wrong in the world today.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid

Was Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is right … is the war is lost? Are Hillary and Obama absolutely right … should we pull our troops out … let the terrorists consolidate their hold over the rest of the known world first?

What happens then … when we are truly all alone in the world? Do we wait … so we can fight them in our own back yard. According to some, that would be the “smarter” … more “PC” way to win the war against terror!

I mean, after all, who the heck do we think we are … defending our principles and our way of life from attacks by radical Islamic terrorists … of all the nerve.

… Give me a break!!!!

Here is another fine example of the kind of world we will live in after the democratic party’s complete surrender of the United States of America to Islamo-Fascist rule.

A 23-year-old Afghan journalist, Sayed Parwez Kaambakhsh, was sentenced to death Tuesday by a three-judge panel in the northern city of Mazar-i-Sharif for distributing an article about Islam and women’s rights.

[Do feminists support surrendering to radical Islam? If so, I wonder why … they really should really rethink that position … and take a good at who they are going to vote for in the upcoming November election.]

The article … which he downloaded from a website that Muslim clerics have determined is insultling to Islam … dared to questioned why, if Muslim men can have four wives, why can’t a Muslim woman have four husbands.

Enraged judges said the article humiliated Islam … and members of a clerics council have pushed for Kaambakhsh to be executed. His case now will go to the first of two appeals courts. Muslim clerics are busy leading protests to keep Kaambakhsh from being released.

Jean MacKenzie, country director for the Institute for War and Peace Reporting, which helps train Afghan journalists, believes that Kaambakhsh is really being punished for stories written for IWPR by his brother, Sayed Yaqub Ibrahimi.

“We feel very strongly that this is a complete fabrication on the part of the authorities up in Mazar, designed to put pressure on Parwez’ brother Yaqub, who has done some of the hardest-hitting pieces outlining abuses by some very powerful commanders in Balkh and the other northern provinces,” MacKenzie said.

OK! So … does that make it alright? What about free speech and the Freedom of the Press. These used to be liberal war cries … sadly, not any more.

Liberals in America, and the rest of the Western world, have lost the will and the guts to wage war … or to even defend themselve … from illiberalism. Unfortunately, the radical Islamists have plenty of will … and guts!

When you cut to the chase, either Sayed Parwez Kaambakhsh has been sentenced to die for reading and thinking about something he did not have permission to read and think about … or he has been sentenced to die because his brother, Sayed Yaqub Ibrahimi, thought and wrote things he did not have permission to think or write about.

Neither case bodes well the future of the modern world! Of course, if you want to live in a barbaric Dark Age … ruled by a Taliban-like Caliphate … well hey … go for it!

I, myself, am not too keen on the idea.

But … this certainly does look a lot like a war of clashing ideologies to me … hmmmm!


Anyone out there remember Salman Rushdie? Or … the teacher that was almost beheaded for letting her students name a Teddy Bear Mohammad?

We know where the left-wing liberals in New York and California stand. Of course … someone should probably remind our gay brothers and sisters that there are no gay Muslims … they are all dead … or just not yet executed! Just ask President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, who stated there are “no homosexuals in Iran.”

Mahoud Ahmadinejad

But, what about the rest of America? What about the common everyday real Americans these left-wing liberal American apologists scoff at … and consider not intelligent enough to understand their radical anti-American enlightened ideas? What does America really stand for to them?

Why do the marines I have spoken with tell me not to believe what I see on CNN or what I read in the New York Times? Why do they volunteer to go back? Why do they hate Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama … I mean … after all … they just want to bring them home safely!

It is because they know what this country stands for! It is because, unlike Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, and that military embarrassment John Murtha … and a few others who can’t see the forest for the trees … they understand the enemy we face! And … they know what the consequences are for losing this ideology-based clash of civilizations … we call the “War on Terror.”

Why We Fight The War On Terror!

Since the days of Saint Augustine, theologians, and intellectuals have debated the Just War Doctrine.  It would seem clear, simply from the fact that this discussion has lasted so long, that wars based on aggression or greed would not be considered just wars.  America has never waged an aggressive war based on greed or avarice. Prior to World War II, Franklin Roosevelt stated that America hated war. America hopes for peace. So if we go to war, we want to be sure the cause is just.  Our involvement in Afghanistan and Iraq meets the criteria of a just war, a war fought for the sake of enduring human values.  This war that we have been forced to fight is about ideology … not terrain … or even oil.

Many Americans like to pretend this war on terror began on September 11, 2001. However, the Fascist Islamic Fundamentalists declared war on us way before 9/11, and they have shown us time and time again who they are and why they must be stopped.Osama bin Laden and Al-Qaeda have been waging a war against the United States for many years.  On November 5, 1998, Osama bin Laden and Al-Qaeda were indicted in a Manhattan courthouse for conspiring to attack U.S. facilities overseas and to kill American citizens.  It was found then that he and Al-Qaeda had attempted to obtain components to nuclear weapons and chemical weapons as far back as 1993.  Contrary to the popular myths spun in our left-wing media outlets, it was also found that Al-Qaeda had forged an alliance with the government of Iran, and had also reached an agreement with Saddam Hussein himself in regards to weapons development.

Here are just a few of the many other examples to illustrate the kind of brutal and barbaric enemy we are up against:

November 4, 1979: Fifty-two American citizens were taken hostage when militant students of radical Islam stormed the U.S. Embassy in Tehran.  After 444 days in captivity, they were released when Ronald Reagan was elected president in 1980.

December 12, 1983: Bombing of the U.S. Embassy in Kuwait by an Iranian backed group called Al Dawa or “The Call.” Six people were killed and 80 more were injured.

March 16, 1984: Islamic Jihad kidnapped and later murdered Political Officer William Buckley in Beirut, Lebanon.

December 1985: Simultaneous suicide attacks are carried out against U.S. and Israeli check-in desks at Rome and Vienna international airports. 20 people are killed in the two attacks.

April 5, 1986: A bomb destroys the LaBelle discotheque in West Berlin.  The discotheque was known to be often frequented by U.S. serviceman.  This attack killed one American and one German, and wounded 150, including 44 Americans.

August 7, 1998:  Terrorist bombs destroy the U.S. embassies in Nairobi, Kenya and Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.  In Nairobi, 12 Americans are among the 291 killed, and over 5,000 are wounded including 6 Americans. In Dar es Salaam, one U.S. citizen is injured among the 10 killed and 77 injured.

October 12, 2000:  A terrorist bomb badly damages the destroyer USS Cole in the port of Aden, Yemen, killing 17 sailors and wounding 39 more.

September 11, 2001: Nineteen terrorists with known ties to Al-Qaeda hijacked four U.S. airliners and flew two of them into the twin towers of the World Trade Center in New York City and one into the Pentagon in Washington, D.C.  The fourth, also on its way toward Washington, D.C. crashed into a field near Shanksville, PA when courageous Americans tried to retake the hijacked airliner from the terrorists. Over 5,000 innocent civilians were killed in New York City, as many as 200 were killed at the Pentagon site, and 45 were killed at the Shanksville site.

January 23, 2002: Wall Street Journal reporter, Daniel Pearl, was kidnapped and murdered on video by an Islamic group in Pakistan. His grave was found near Karachi on May 16.

Tom Fox: In 2005 terrorists group in Iraq calling themselves the Swords of the Righteousness Brigade took four Western peace activists hostage. Tom Fox, a fifty-four-year-old American with a group called Christian Peacemaker Teams was tied up and shot in the head.  His body was dumped near a railroad in Baghdad. When his body was recovered, it clearly showed that this peace activist had been badly tortured before somebody put a bullet in his brain.  What is righteous about that?

Nick Berg: Nick Berg was an American contractor in his mid-thirties working to help rebuild Iraq’s telecommunications infrastructure.  Captured by terrorists, he was brought in front of a video camera and pinned him down while Abu Musab al-Zarqawi cut off is head.  This was a heinous act stemming from a brutal belief system with absolutely no redeeming qualities!

Today’s extreme Muslim fundamentalist ardently believes that Allah has all the answers; therefore, they do not need Western science. While the modern world moves forward, they remain mired in their barbaric self-imposed Dark Ages.  They are true believers. And … to an Islamic terrorist, the thought of dying for Allah and getting the chance to make it with seventy-two virgins would probably seem more appealing than real life. Especially if he takes enough infidels with him … then he will become a real hero. He will be honored, and his family will be well looked after financially by friends, neighbors and, oh yeah, Saddam Hussein … were he still around.

Fighting such a war requires that we know who we are and what we stand for.  I believe that most Americans, with the exception of a few self-loathing left-wing liberals, still know what this country stands for. Throughout our country’s history, American soldiers have fought and died around the globe to protect the basic human rights mentioned in the Declaration of Independence. The United States did not invent these rights of Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness; these certain, unalienable rights were not granted to us by our government.  According to our Founding Fathers and Thomas Jefferson, God granted them to us.  Yes, I know … in certain privileged politically correct circles, it has become insulting to point out the source of these rights.

Many people have argued that Iraq posed no threat to our national security. I think those people have either a very poor, or a selective, memory. I see very little difference between Saddam Hussein or Osama bin Laden and three of the twentieth century’s most evil and bloodiest despots, Adolph Hitler, Pol Pot, and Joseph Stalin.  I also see little difference between Nazism, Communism and Islamic fascism.  The murderous and thankfully, now overthrown, Saddam Hussein made it very clear that he was an enemy of the United States, his neighbors, and even other Iraqis.

If we had never gone into Iraq, Saddam Hussein would still be in power, and he would still be killing anyone who dared to disagree with him.  Kurds, if they didn’t tow the line, would still be gassed, their bodies left in the street where they had fallen, as a stark reminder to all the other “traitors” that the price of defiance is an ugly death. Saddam’s loyal minions would still be rounding up “troublemakers” by the hundreds … men, women, even young children … blindfolding them, executing them, and then dumping their bodies in unmarked mass graves. “Enemies of the state” would still be tortured (and not simply with water boarding) till they confessed to what ever was needed. Saddam’s “special police” would still be raping Iraqi women to extract information from their “suspect” husbands. Let us also not forget the special fund Saddam Hussein set up to support the families of martyred suicide bombers. You know, I kind of think that Saddam Hussein would qualify as a weapon of mass destruction himself.

It is hard to imagine that our liberal left-wingers, being such staunch supporters of human rights, would ever be willing to look the other way and ignore the humanitarian aspect of this war in Iraq.And rest assured, Iraq would be working hard to build a nuclear bomb.  Saddam would never sit back and allow Iran to have the only Muslim-held bomb in the Middle East.  The United States would then have not one, but two radical Muslim countries armed with nuclear weapons to contend with.  In fact, Saddam Hussein might already have had a nuclear weapon if not for the Israelis, who in 1981, had the courage to blow up the nuclear reactor France was busy building for him.

Some Democrats like to compare the war in Iraq to the war in Vietnam. We have heard it again and again.  Iraq is a new Vietnam. In one aspect, they may actually be right.  This may become a self-fulfilling prophecy; especially if they actually get their way.  Remember how Liberal Democrats were overjoyed when American forces were pulled out of Vietnam.  They had won their battle for peace.  However, they remained strangely silent and looked the other way while almost a million South Vietnamese were tortured and murdered, or died in “reeducation camps.” Many perished at sea in a last desperate bid to gain freedom.

I suspect that some of today’s liberal democrats will be just as silent if, on their timetable, we leave Iraq too soon, and the Taliban and Al-Qaeda turn the Middle East region into another giant killing field.  Rest assured, the liberal democrats will act as if they had nothing to do with it.  They will either pretend not to notice the bloodbath … or will conveniently blame it all on George Bush.

It is one thing to be against the war, it something else entirely to be against your own Country. I admit America is not perfect, but it is certainly not evil!  It is not “American imperialism” that sends our soldiers, sailors, and airman into harms way.  Does anyone honestly believe that our government had any plans for Afghanistan prior to 9/11.  Well, we did try to help them kick the invading Russians out of their country.

Certainly, the United States has a vast presence in the world today. People everywhere buy music and videos by new American artists.  As bad as most of them are, it still doesn’t justify suicide bombers … does it?  Nike, McDonalds, Starbucks, Time Warner and other similar multinational companies take a little bit of America with them when they open shop in other countries.  Is that American Imperialism? Don’t we have Toyota, Honda, and Nissan plants in our country! Don’t we have Chinese restaurants, Japanese steakhouses, or Italian restaurants? Is this imperialism?  Critics say that American financial institutions are merely an extension of American imperialism, but aren’t the Chinese happy to buy up American debt?  Is this American imperialism or is it merely a global economy?  Wake up and smell the twenty-first century!

Some countries export terrorism and fear.  America exports freedom and liberty.  And … sometimes we must take up arms to defend that liberty.  That is why we intervened in Bosnia and Kosovo.  That is why we tried, somewhat feebly, to intervene in Rwanda.  And that is why we would also be justified to intervene in Darfur.  We have never in our history entered a country as a conquering force, to occupy, or to colonize.  In World War II, we invaded France to end the German occupation.  All we asked for in return was a place to bury our dead servicemen.

Most American’s, I hope, realize that we are in a struggle we did not choose, against one of the most brutal enemies our nation has ever faced.  But there are always a few idiots that believe that the attacks on September 11, 2001 were something we deserved, or … the “chickens coming home to roost!”  This is a shallow, thoughtless reaction to what occurred on that day.  Suppose the United States did have a horrible foreign policy; that still does not justify hijacking civilian airliners and flying them into buildings filled with civilians. It is an intellectually bankrupt response that ignores the facts!  The terrorists who hijacked those planes on 9/11 were not downtrodden members of a society enslaved by American imperialism.  They were middle-class, well-educated Islamic religious zealots.  Osama bin Laden was a millionaire. America never colonized the Middle East.  We didn’t pull out when colonialism became unsustainable after World War I.  We didn’t leave a mess of impoverished artificially created nation-states.  Actually … we have Europe to thank for that!

Contrary to popular myth, we also did not act unilaterally.  As of August 23, 2006, there were troops from Albania, Armenia, Australia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Denmark, El Salvador, Estonia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Moldova, Mongolia, Poland, Romania, South Korea, and the United Kingdom helping in Iraq.  Some nations, like Japan, Nicaragua, New Zealand, Thailand, Ukraine, Honduras, Dominican Republic, Norway had soldiers in Iraq, but have since withdrawn them.   Spain had troops in Iraq until the terrorists scared them off by blowing up one of their trains.

What disgusts me most is the lack of support from countries like France and Germany.  France and Germany both jumped on the anti-American bandwagon saying that we, the United States, were the bad guys in the world.  They claimed that our power and our ideas are selfish and inherently evil.  Of course, the self-loathing left-wing liberals loved every minute of it.

However … it is complete disingenuous.  The French have made quite a practice of sticking it to the United States.  This is after we have saved their butts in not one, but two world wars.  This is the same France that, in 1981, was building Saddam Hussein a nuclear reactor, and the same enlightened France that now has impoverished Muslims rioting in their housing projects.  I wonder how much of France and Germany’s anti-American rhetoric was actually based on real deeply-felt anti-Americanism and how much was based on the lucrative trade deals those countries had signed with Saddam Hussein.  In 2001, France was Iraq’s number one trading partner and France’s largest oil company, Total Fina Elf, had signed extensive oil contracts with Saddam Hussein worth about $650 billion.  Direct trade between Germany and Iraq amounted to about $350 million annually and Saddam Hussein had ordered Iraqi domestic business to show preference to German companies as a reward for Germany’s “firm positive stand in rejecting the launching of a military attack against Iraq.”

Who is fooling who?