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Forever in Our Hearts

We will never forget.

As I watched the news on this morning, 09/11/2019, the images of the two towers, the destruction, the victims, the dust, the debris, the first responders, those rushing to help, the pain and horror of that cowardly attack is rekindled. But, so is the pride!

We are still here. We are still strong. And, we will never forget.

forever in our hearts

It is not about vengeance or retribution. It is about courage, sacrifice, and many selfless heroes rushing … not away … but toward the danger!

It is about the police, the firemen, the reporters, and the everyday citizens who pulled together to get us through one of the darkest hours in American history. It is about doing everything we can to ensure it never happens again. It is about remembering to remain strong as Americans!

Remembering Man’s Best Friend

forever in our hearts

Being a dog lover, I cannot help but also mention that, when the World Trade Center tower collapsed and 10,000 emergency rescue workers rushed in to help … over 300 of those heroes were dogs. Dogs like Bretagne, Riley, Coby, Guinness, Appollo, Thunder, Sage, Trakr, and Jake to name a few.

forever in our hearts

These dogs, along with many more devoted, brave, loyal, and hardworking K9 heroes risked life and limb on September 11 and during the many painful days over which the rescue and recovery efforts continued.

Heroic K9s searched for survivors, located remains, and provided a very real source of comfort and hope during one of the worst moment in modern American history.

We should always remember and honor them as well.

Learn more about these Hero Dogs of September 11th at The Dogington Post!

Remembering Today: 9/11 and Hurricane Irma

Remembering Today

Hurricane Irma

Hurricane Irma & 9/11My thoughts and prayers go out to everyone in the path of Hurricane Irma. I have relatives in both Orlando and Tampa, Florida … and so far, they seem to be okay. I must say I have never seen such an outpouring of support and help being offered to victims of this Hurricane like what is being offered via Facebook. It is amazing to me.

I also think the communication between Federal, State and Local governments helped lessen the catrostophic impact of this hurricane. While certainly still bad, the planning pre-positioning of equipment and supplies was amazing to see and well thought out. President Trump, his administration, FEMA, Governors, State Police, Local Law Enforcement and First Responders, the U.S. Military and volunteers … all showing why America is such a great country. You are all owed an immense debt of gratitude!


September 11, 2001

Hurricane Irma & 9/11

September 11, 2001 … a day we, in America, must never forget. I remember hearing a description of the first jet hitting the twin towers on the way to work at the University of Tennessee that morning. I thought, at the time, it had to be a hoax. When I got to campus however, crowds were standing around TV screens in the University Center watching events unfold. I learned it was not a hoax. And, I watched the second plane hit the tower. There are not words to express the way I felt at that moment in time.


We must never forget and we must remain forever vigilant. Freedom is never free! I have had ancestors and family members fight in every American conflict since the American Revolution. To squander away what our ancestors purchased for us with their own blood would be unforgivable. Think about that as you rush to deprive another American of their God-given rights … whether it be the right to free speech, or to protect themselves from danger, to worship in the way they choose, or to pursue life in a land of equal opportunity.

You Know … Folks … Sometimes I really Don’t Care!

Emotional Eagle

I was sitting around with some friends the other evening and they started discussing a email that was currently being circulated that was supposedly written by an angry woman from New Jersey. Sitting there listening to them discuss what the angry lady from New Jersey was ranting about in the email got me to thinking about how I feel about some of the same topics … and prank email or not … I found I agreed a lot with what the email said!

I mean, after all, we fighting a war on terror! And … though it started way before September 11, 2001 … it was radical Islamic fundamentalists who brought it to our shores.

Innocent people from all over the world … and a whole lot of innocent American civilians … were brutally murdered on September 11, 2001.

At the World Trade Center in downtown Manhattan:

Twin Towers 9/11

At the Pentagon across the Potomac River from our nation’s capitol:

Pentagon 9/11

And … in a field in Shanksville, Pennsylvania!

Shanksville, PA 9/11

On that day, over three thousand men, women and children died a tragic horrible death … frightened … burning … being crushed … suffocating … and much, much worse!

And … you know … I really do have a real hard time caring if a copy of the Koran was somehow “desecrated” when an overworked American soldier kicked it … or got it wet … in fact, honestly … really and truly … I don’t care at all.

And … though at one time I might have started caring if Osama bin Laden were to turn himself in and repent for brutally murdering all those innocent americans on 9/11 … or if the radical Islamic fanatics in the Middle East started caring about the Holy Bible … the mere distribution of which is a crime in Saudi Arabia! But, honestly, at this point … I really don’t think I will!

These are the same terrorists who filmed themselves gleefully sawing off Nick Berg’s head while he screamed through his gurgling slashed throat and then … showed it on Arab television and on the world wide web.

These are the same cowardly “insurgents” in Iraq who wouldn’t come out and fight like soldiers … but instead … denigrated their own religion by hiding out in mosques … and also hid their rocket launchers and missiles in children’s schools, apartment buildings, and hospitals.

These are the same mindless zealots who live to blow themselves up … killing any innocent men, women, and children within range of their suicide bombs … so they can go to paradise and “make it” with 72 virgins.

I am sorry … somehow … I really don’t care if their feelings get hurt.

I do, however, care greatly that the left-wing progressive liberal owned American media keeps pretending that their First Amendment liberties are somehow derived from international law … and not from the United States Constitution and its Bill of Rights!

So, when I hear some story published in the New York Times about a brave U.S. marine caught roughing up some Iraqi terrorist to obtain important information to save American lives … know this … I don’t care about the New York Times!

When I see a grainy photo of a pile of naked Iraqi prisoners with their underwear on their heads … who have been humiliated in what amounts to, in this country, a college-hazing prank … rest assured … I really don’t care!

When I see a wounded terrorist get shot in the head … after he was told not to move because he might be booby-trapped … and he chose to move anyway … you can take it to the bank … I really don’t care.

When I happen to hear that a detainee at Guantanamo Bay … who was issued a Koran, a prayer mat, and eats specially prepared “Islamic” food … that is paid for by my tax dollars … is complaining that his holy book is being somehow “mishandled” because an infidel dared to touch it with his bare hands … you can absolutely believe in your heart of hearts … I simply don’t care.

Why not? Because no American prisoner of war ever, ever had it so good … even the criminals in our own prison system don’t have it that good!

Our military is hard at work doing the very difficult and dangerous job we sent them into harms way to do.

And … contrary to what the gutless wonders like Harry Reid, John Murtha, Nancy Pelosi, and the reality-ignoring democratic candidates Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama claim … they are doing a great job and succeeding.

I am personally very proud of them!

And … you can take it to the bank … when it comes to supporting our soldiers … I really do care!

And … while on the subject … just a few other things I don’t care about:

I really don’t care that Senator Ted Kennedy chose to throw his support behind Barack Obama instead of Hillary Clinton.

Clinton Snub

After Hillary Clinton’s part in starting the racial war over the last few weeks backfired on her … she deserved to be snubbed. And … I don’t care if Bill Clinton does get red faced!

I do, however, wonder if Hillary now will play the gender card as well. After all, Ted Kennedy’s choice to support Barack Obama must be because Hillary Clinton is a woman … there can be no other excuse … at least not for the radical feminists. It couldn’t possibly be that … gasp … Kennedy simply thinks Obama is the better candidate.

I do care that Senator Ted Kennedy’s car has killed more people than my gun and the Three Mile Island “disaster” combined … and yet Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama … and Ted Kennedy … all want to take my gun away from me. Of course, Ted Kennedy still gets to keep his car. Now to me … that’s worth caring about!!

I also really don’t care that home buyers who falsified (lied about) their income levels on crooked, high-risk, to-good-to-be-true mortgage loan applications are now losing their homes … or that the crooked mortgage brokers who, knowing these borrowers could not afford these mortgages, sold them the homes anyway … are losing money on their investments.

And … how in the hell is that George Bush’s fault? Explain it to me!! Then please … also explain to me why it is our job to use our tax dollars to bail these crooks out!! What happened to personal responsibility?

The same thing happened in the 1980s and 1990s with the Savings & Loan bailout! I guess that, like Hurricane Katrina, that must have been President George W. Bush’s fault as well!!

Do you possibly think that … just maybe … the taxpayer-funded government bailout for these mortgages during the S&L crisis might have created a “moral hazard” … and acted as encouragement for today’s crooked lenders to make similar higher-risk loans during the 2007 subprime mortgage financial crisis. I kind of think it might have …

And lastly … I just can’t find it in myself to care that Justin Timberlake may be responsible for Britney Spears’ current meltdown! I don’t really care who won the Screen Actors Guild Awards or the Oscars. I get so sick of the attention we, as Americans, tend to lavish on the Hollywood celebrity crowd!

It’s almost obscene!