Bullies: A Very Valuable Lesson!

Judy Guion published a post on her blog, “Greatest Generation” Life Lessons, that really struck a chord with me. The bullying that goes on today has reached epic proportions. In fact, today we have a new special breed of bullies! We have adults, people who are supposedly intelligent and rational, people who are supposedly journalists,…


Warriors, even peaceful ones, do not quit.

Martial Maxims: Never Quit, Never Surrender!

You will not succeed if you quit! “Fall down seven times, stand up eight,” is an ancient Japanese proverb that relates to our attitude towards failure. Master Tatutso Shimabuku, the founder of the Isshin-ryu Karate system, was fond of saying this to his U.S. Marine Corps students. It means to not to let ourselves be beaten…

Mathematics is important to success in life.

Mathematics! Is It Really That Important!

Mathematics is a vital key to success in the world! Math is a methodical explanation of our universe! Math makes our life orderly and helps eliminate chaos. Many human qualities are developed and strengthened by mathematics including the ability to reason, to create, to think abstractly or use spatial thinking, critical thinking skills, and problem-solving abilities.…


Success Secrets: Measure Twice, Cut Once

I’ve sawed it off twice and it’s still to short! Wisdom is a key to success. Where do we find the wisdom to achieve success? For me, one source was listening to the wisdom of my elders. I spent many wonderful hours as a child with my grandparents. During those times I learned many valuable…

Book Review: The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich

It bears an eerie resemblance to the National Socialists battling the Communists in pre-WW II Germany. We even have some people fanning the flames of racial discord and class warfare. American and its people are better than this. Reminding ourselves of what has occurred in the past can help us prevent it in the future.

A Beautiful Easter Day Musing From Bond Park

A Beautiful Easter Day Walk Easter Day … Easter Sunday was a beautiful day. It was also Sophie’s birthday. She is now one year old. I decided to take her on a walk at Bond Park here in Cary. It is one of our favorite places to walk and practice her training regimens. We walked…