one lucky bear

ONE LUCKY BEAR: A Raquette Lake Bear Tale

A great little story of one lucky young bear! I stumbled on this wonderful tale over at Charles H. Eldridge’s blog, Adirondack Native Photography! You should check it out (both the blog and the story)! This young black bear was one lucky bear. “RAQUETTE LAKE BEAR ENCOUNTER” A great post by Charles H. Eldridge One…


don't quit writing style, shape the story, improve your blogging

Warning: Doing This May Improve Your Blogging skills.

Improve Your Blogging skills How do you begin to improve your blogging skills? I began blogging some years ago, But to be truthful about it, I have only gotten serious about doing so over the last year.  This is probably because I recently I published my first novel, Serpents Underfoot.  As a self-published author, I…