Proud Member Of The Right Wing Conspiracy

I was listening to Halloran Hilton Hill on the way to work the other morning and he was asking his audience if they thought America is becoming a divided nation. I was not surprised that many listeners stated they did. I would have to say that America certainly is becoming divided and though it saddens me, it is becoming divided for a good reason.

The fact is that there is a small percentage of the American population (mostly found in New England and in California) that are bound and determined to turn this country into a myopic nanny state patterned after France or Sweden.

They have managed, through lies and deceit, to get their Messiah who descended from the Temple elected by chanting Hope and Change to a mass of Sheeple who were all too willing to drink from the cool aid they offered … as long as Obama promised that he would take from the rich and give to them.

It is enough to make real Americans sick to their stomachs!

America was founded by a group of patriots, who despised such European socialist nonsense and started a country based on the right of the individual to live in freedom, to work hard, and to succeed (or yes, even fail) in whatever endeavor they chose. No one was guaranteed success; they were simply guaranteed the right to try again … and again … and again if needed!

Despite the liberal drive-by media’s snobbish attacks on those “stupid redneck tea baggers,” anyone with a little intelligence can look around and see that socialist and communist states are failing all around the globe. For all their “intelligent airs”, endless money supplied by left-wing radicals like George Soros,  and their lock-down drive-by media control; these liberals really don’t have a clue.  Any middle class American who has had to live on a budget knows that the government can’t borrow its way out of debt, can’t spend its way to economic security, and that the government cannot print enough money to end world poverty! 

And yet, these “elite” left-wingers led by Obama, Pelosi, Reid, and Clinton are pushing America down that same path just as quickly as they can.  Have we already forgotten that the Congress led by Pelosi had an even lower popularity rating than former president George W Bush?  Have we already forgotten that Obama promised to end pork … and go through the budget and proposed new legislation “line by line” to cut wasteful spending! Hell, Congress never even had time to “read” their pork-laden “stimulus” bill.

We have also forgotten Obama stated that he would look out for main street America and end the “Golden Parachutes” for corrupt and/or inept executives leaving failing banks, insurance companies and other federally-aided financial institutions.

We have also already forgotten that Obama stated he supported the 2nd Amendment (of course, many real Americans weren’t even fooled by that bold-faced lie).

The simple fact is that Obama was elected because many Americans voted against John McCain simply because they were mad at the Republicans for trying to out-spend liberal democrats and forgetting their real conservative roots … and Obama made some conservative sounding promises!

Have you noticed how long that lasted? Obama is now shaking hands with Hugo Chavez and apologizing to the world for America’s heinous crime of not being perfect. I am so glad we have Chavez and Castro to show us the right way to go. 

Yes, America is divided.  It is being divided between Americans and European Aristocratic Wannabees!  Thomas Jefferson said that a little periodic revolution is good for a country. I hope he was right, because it looks like we are heading that way.

And yes, I am a proud member of the Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano’s so-called “Right Wing Conspiracy” because I do own guns, I did serve my country, I believe the U.S. Constitution is the supreme law of the land, and I believe in the natural, God-given rights of Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.

2 thoughts on “Proud Member Of The Right Wing Conspiracy”

  1. Darren,

    Interesting post but for the sake of debate I’ll toss a few ideas in. You see I’m a British conservative and we’ve spent 13 years out in the wilderness and only now are we about to eject the socialist Labour Party.

    Why have we spent so long languishing in opposition? Because when we lost in 1997 we retreated into our bunker, became more right wing, more rabid, more xenophobic, more intolerant. Guess what? Well, with each right wing leader we elected, we got crucified …it was like that Charlie Brown thing with the baseball…how many times did we have to get slapped across the face before the truth finally dawned. What the media said was true, outside of our narrow base we were ‘the Nasty Party’.

    I think this is the biggest danger you guys face…your base is too narrow. For the Conservatives in the UK it’s meant looking to other issues. Take for example the environment…twenty years ago we’d dismiss it. Bloody tree huggers we want no truck with them! Or do we? Why can’t the environment be a Conservative issue? Being right wing doesn’t mean toadying up to big business it can mean conserving our ‘green and pleasant land’ so that future generations can hunt, fish trek etc etc.

    I’ll admit that you have one thing going for you…Obama could mess things up pretty good and pretty fast. Another one term do-gooding Jimmy Carter? But I still think the right in the US needs to broaden its base and electoral appeal…Guns and God isn’t enough.

    Firstly, I think you’re right to see things between ‘centralising socialists’ and ‘decentralising individualists’.

  2. Hello Joseph;

    Thanks for your comments. You raise some interesting points and I would agree that conservatives may need to ‘broaden” their base a bit.

    I would, however, point out that most Americans who hunt, fish, trek, and care about the environment are conservatives. Sure … the liberals have the radical “tree-hugger” type groups like PETA and Greenpeace sown up… you know, the ones who blow up butcher shops and attack whaling ships with rowboats (Personally, I do think whaling should have been banned years ago).

    Fiscal responsibility, strong family ties, belief in the Divine, and in the sanctity of human life, are all conservative ideals.

    I do agree that Obama (and his elitist liberal left cohorts) have been given enough rope to hang themselves and I think that they are busy doing exactly that.

    However, when you get right down to it though … freedom (or the right to Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness) is a natural God-given right … and, at least in this day and age, can only truly be protected by guns! So maybe … for now anyway … God and Guns is enough!

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