American Wake Up Call!

You should be worried!

Here is a scary tidbit! According to a report on, Wall Street securities and investment firms have contributed over $35 million to the campaigns of Democratic candidates during this election cycle. This is almost five times the amount they have contributed to Republican candidates and John McCain’s campaign.

Why is this?  Anne Coulter claims that it is because the liberal-minded fraternity brats who control Wall Street these days “understand economics about as well as the pinko professors whose courses they snored through.”  And she may be right!

After all, these are the same guys who gambled the entire mortgage industry on “subprime” loans to people with no jobs and no collateral!  Hey … it made sense to them!  And now they are willing to gamble the entire U.S. economy and your economic future on the wacky, anti-American left-wing policies of Barack Obama.  Which makes perfect sense to them … in spite of their recent “subprime” loan debacle.

These yahoos can’t even figure out what’s in their own self-interest, much less yours or mine. As Anne Coulter says, “trusting them with your money is like trusting Bill Clinton to babysit your underage niece.”

If you’ve been wondering why the financial industry has experiencing a steady decline … and taking your
401(k) or investment portfolio down with it … now you know.

Wake up America!  

It is time to let Congress know how we feel ….  angry and betrayed about sums it up for me.

Most reports show that under 10 percent of Americans think Congress is doing a good job. This rating makes President Bush’s 30 percent approval rating look like something to brag about. 

If our esteemed members of Congress are not being relevant … doing their jobs … and working to improving Americans’ lives … why, then, do we continue to re-elect them into office?!

We, as a country seem to have forgotten an important principle of Democracy, that it is “we the People” who have power over the government, not them over us. They are called to protect our pursuit of life, liberty and happiness, not vice versa. And if they don’t, the Declaration of Independence states, in no uncertain terms, that we are “to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for (our) future Security.”

I believe it is time to get rid of most of our current members of Congress and replace them with a “new Guard” … who are willing to, and believe in, doing the following:

 1. Uphold our Constitution and Bill of Rights.

 2. Protect Americans’ inalienable rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

 3. Promote less federal government.

 4. Lower taxes.

 5. Demand a balanced budget.

 6. Secure our borders.

 7. Reduce our national deficit and dependence on other nations.

 8. Maintain a modern military capable of protecting our interests at home and abroad.

America is a great nation!  And we should not have to apologize, as Barack Obama would have us do, for working hard and making smart decisions in our past …

Yes, there are poor nations in this world. Most of them are poor because of the decisions they have made in their past; choosing communism, barbaric theocracy, socialism, tribal or clan warfare and brutal authoritative regimes.  We chose a different path and rose to greatness because of it.  Get over it Michelle Obama!  Americans can and should be proud of who we are and what we have done since the founding of our country!  Are we flawless … or perfect? Of course not … just the best thing going!

A Parting Thought!

All of us, every single man, woman, and child on the face of the planet Earth were born with the same inalienable rights; to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. And, if the governments of the world can’t get that through their collective heads, then regime change will continue to be necessary.

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