How About A Little American Stoicism!

Emotional Eagle

We desperately need a big dose of American stoicism … don’t you think?

It is a real shame that fear of the violence perpetrated by Islamic radicals can so easily cause some Americans to drop their principles and to “cut and run” … forgetting the causes of liberty and freedom many past Americans selflessly fought and died for.

Our liberal/socialist friends try to impress our more gullible American citizens … sounding so sophisticated and intelligent when they wax philosophically about our Islamic brothers and sisters, or …. our gay brothers and sisters, or … about how men should be “nice guys,” shouldn’t be so masculine … and wouldn’t it be just so much better if we were all so “metro-sexual.”

Well folks, please remember that our Islamic brothers and sisters would be more than very happy to kill off our gay brothers and sisters.  Remember, there are no homosexuals in Iran … just ask the Iranian president!

Hitler & Stalin

It is also much, much  more important to be a “good” man than to be a “nice” man.  There are situations were a good man must choose not to be nice!   “Nice-ness,” like “charm” is simply a tool to be used and is not a character trait.  Even Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin, or Jeffery Dahmer could choose to be nice when it suited their purpose.

There will be little room to wax philosophically in a country called Amerika … unless it is guided by more Marxist or Machiavellian tones ….  not to mention in an American Islamic Theocracy!

I certainly do not advocate perpetrating violence against other peoples and cultures and personally, I would certainly be willing to coexist with any culture.  And indeed … as a long time history buff, a world traveler, a former soldier, and a martial artist, I have a real and deep appreciation and interest in other cultures and their histories.  As a child, I even enjoyed stories like Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves and Sinbad the Sailor!  I loved the film, The Wind and the Lion starring Sean Connery … but there are no longer heroes like that in todays radical Islamic world!

I just have a real problem picturing the Mulai Ahmed er Raisuli strapping a bomb to his chest and blowing up innocent men, women and children in a market place or a restaurant.

And … at the same time … I cannot, and will not, accept nor advocate, the kind of suicidal pacifism and  unwillingness to defend American principles and the American way of life that seems to be so prevalent with the liberal/socialist elitists of today, such as Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, George Soros, Michael Moore, Ted Kennedy, Jack Murtha, et al.

Muslim Tolerance

Peace at all cost simply leads to slavery, and I will be a slave to no one … including any Islamic Global Caliphate! The American people need to wake up and to understand that we are caught in  a situation that realistically amounts to “national self-defense” and those unwilling to defend America from her enemies, both foreign and domestic, do not deserve to be called Americans or to benefit from life in America.

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