Are We Becoming A Nation Of Selfish, Spoiled Brats?

Many of us are dismayed by the number of recent shootings that have plagued the nation. It is tragic. And, in typical liberal knee-jerk reaction, the cry for stronger gun control and banning guns will ring out across the nation. But is this really a solution, … or is it simply a liberal “feel good” response that ignores the bigger problem.

Yes , this is happening. Yes, the shootings involve the use of guns. And, yes … this is very scary and very crazy!

But, are the guns the actual reason this is happening, or is there some underlying cultural problem that is turning our children into killers. If we take the easy route, and simply choose to “blame” the gun, while ignoring the real problem, we may be in for a lot more of these shootings in the future.

Video Game Killer

First, let us look at a few of these shootings:

  • In Delkab, Illinois, a gunman dressed in black stepped from behind a curtain at the front of a large lecture hall at Northern Illinois University on Thursday and shot 21 people, five of them fatally, then shot and killed himself.
  • In Tinley Park, Illinois, a gunman shot five women in a Lane Bryant Store.
  • In West Palm Beach, Florida, a gunman dressed in suit and tie killed one person ( a fire fighter who went back in to get a toy for his child’s kids meal) at a Wendy’s restaurant at lunchtime Monday, and shot four others before killing himself.
  • In Alba, Texas, a sixteen-year-old teenage girl and three of her friends are suspected of killing her family after row with parents over her boyfriend. The bodies of Penny Caffey, 39, Tyler, eight, and Matthew, 13, were found in their burnt-out home in Alba, East Texas. Each had been stabbed several times and shot.
  • In Knoxville, Tennessee, a 16-year-old Knoxville boy was killed while perpetrating a weekend home invasion that led to a gun battle inside the residence.
  • In Bristol, Tennessee, a gunman who had been spurned by his girlfriend, killed four people at an apartment building and then shot himself to death.
  • In Memphis, Tennessee a family member found six people killed in their home.

Why is this happening you may ask?

Well, I will give you my opinion as to why this is happening. It is happening because we are becoming a nation of selfish, spoiled brats. We are raising our children to believe that if they don’t get their way … somebody must die! … that their needs come first … and that they are entitled to a life of happiness and satisfaction. And … when things don’t go their way … they are entitled to revenge!

Will less guns in the hands of law-abiding citizens change any of this? No … it will not! These are simply deadly temper tantrums! They could just as easily be carried out with knives, cars, big sticks, pick-up trucks, pipe bombs, or even big rocks.

We are not guaranteed a life of happiness … we are only guaranteed a life in which we can engage in “the pursuit” of happiness. This is not the same thing! Our children must learn and understand this … and you liberals are feeding them nonsense about all these entitlements they get simply because they exist … and you are killing our children by turning them into selfish brats with no thought for anything but their immediate gratification!

If they never have had to deal with some of life’s “NOs,” then they never have to learn to adjust, and to realize that life doesn’t not always go their way, and that you cannot always have what you want … temper tantrums not withstanding.

It is expected that a four-year-old will scream, pout, kick and stomp when told he can’t have that piece of candy. But … he should learn, as he grows up, that that is not acceptable behavior. Now, we have 16-year-olds who are throwing temper tantrums when they are told they can’t date so and so, or have to be home by 10:00 P.M., … and they are throwing deadly, murderous temper tantrums.

How do we deal with this?

How do we learn to deal with getting knocked down as we grow up?

An old karate maxim says “if you get knocked down seven times, get up eight.” That is how you learn!

No More Tag

But, because of the policies of our esteemed liberal friends, kids are not allowed to get knocked down anymore. No more tag, dodge ball, or competitive games in school. Kids must never taste failure, or unhappiness, or the idea that they can’t do something. That would be simply awful.

It certainly would. But they would cry, learn, adapt, and grow. Competitors of all stripes know that you learn much more from suffering a loss than by winning; especially if that win is artificially guaranteed by the environment.

We almost never hear parents say things like:

  • Suzy can’t be a boy scout because she is a girl!
  • Bobby can’t be a girl scout because he is a boy!
  • Sally can’t be out till midnight with her 18-year-old boyfriend because she is only 13.
  • Tommy, if Jamie wants to break up with you she can. It hurts but you will get over it and move on.

I mean, after all, how dare these parents try to raise their children … remember … it takes a village.

So … what we get is a 16-year-old girl, who, when her parents cancel her myspace and tell her she can’t see her older boyfriend, she gets revenge … she kills her family because she didn’t get her way!

Or when a girlfriend breaks up with a guy, he gets revenge and shoots her, her uncle, her neighbor, and the stray dog … and then shoots himself. He didn’t get his way!

Or … the guy who gets fired from his job, and instead of getting drunk, goes back and shoots the boss, the secretary, and a few fellow employees. He didn’t get his way!

These people (teens and adults) are simply throwing very deadly temper tantrums … they are quitters.

Why? Because we have never let them deal with adversity; we have never let them fall down and made them get back up; we have never let them hear the word No! and then actually enforce it. We have taught them through our words and actions that they are entitled to a life of ease and happiness, and that they should always get things their way.

And when they don’t … they simply get mad and quit … but with a very, very big exclamation point!

As bad as all this seems, most criminologists do agree on one thing: that this spate of shootings does not signal an increase in multiple or serial shootings. In fact, they point out the murder rate is the lowest it’s been since the 1970s and that such multiple killings have always taken place. It’s just that now, technology and the media bring them into American’s living rooms with much more frequency.

“All of the statistics we have show crime is declining dramatically, and so we should be celebrating the fact that crime has decreased very, very significantly,” says Joseph McNamara, a fellow at the Hoover Institution at Stanford University in California. “But human emotions are real, and when it’s apparently a random crime, people say, ‘Gee, that could be me.’ That has an impact.”

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