Clinton & Obama Wage War On Law-Abiding American Citizens!

You would expect that, in America, if a violent criminal broke into your home with the intent of robbing or killing you, our government would defend your right to defend yourself. You might also expect that our police would arrest that criminal, our criminal system would prosecute and sentence that criminal, and then our prison system would lock him up. But, unfortunately, that is simply not the case.

Home Invasions

Thousands of armed, violent foreign criminals are crossing our borders and entering our country. According to Immigration and Customs Enforcement, more than 595, 000 criminal aliens have crossed our borders into America and they are still here. These criminals are not immigrants working hard to make a living for their families. These criminals are violent and deal in drugs, human trafficking, prostitution, grand larceny, brutal attacks, rape, murder, and vendetta killings of anyone who stands in their way. They may even be smuggling terrorists across our borders.

To make matters worse, Federal prosecutors can’t even deport them if they come from certain countries. It seems that we have laws on our books that prohibit the deportation of violent criminals to countries that do not have an extradition treaty with the U.S.; … this includes countries like Iran, a known exporter of criminals and terrorists. … El Salvador, which refuses to take back ultra-violent MS-13 gang members, … and others like Cuba, Jamaica, and Nigeria


Someday, hopefully, our government may wake up and pass a real and comprehensive illegal immigration bill and take real steps to secure our borders … but don’t hold your breath! It won’t happen under the current administration and it definitely will not happen under a Clinton or Obama administration.

Politicians like Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Chuck Schumer, Dianne Feinstein, and Ted Kennedy believe that the answer to the criminal alien problem is taking away your right, under the Second Amendment, to defend yourself with a firearm.

Schumer, Feinstein, Kerry, Kennedy

Clinton, Obama, and Kennedy work to block “Castle Doctrine” laws that protect your right to defend your home and family with a firearm. They work to oppose laws that give you the right to carry, and they work to prevent a nationwide law that validates your right-to-carry permit in every state. They even support efforts to give local officials the power to confiscate your guns in time of emergency.

That, my friends, is purely and simply, a violation of our constitutional rights as Americans … and … pure insanity!

After Hurricane Katrina, New Orleans officials went door-to-door confiscating guns from law-abiding citizens, leaving them defenseless while the 9-1-1 system was down and useless, and violent criminals, including known criminal aliens, were running rampant.

1775 & 2005

Hillary Clinton’s answer was to be one of the sixteen Senators who voted to allow the government to come into our homes and confiscate our guns. Somehow she always manages to turn violent crime perpetrated by criminals into an argument for taking guns away from law-abiding citizens … but has she ever taken tough action against criminals, or criminal aliens? Of course not!

In the seven years Hillary Clinton has been a Senator, she has not supported one piece of legislation to put criminal aliens, and other violent criminals behind bars. When it comes to criminals, the only bill she has sponsored was a bill to restore voting rights to pedophiles, rapists, murders, robbers, and other violent felons.

And New York Governor Elliott Spitzer who, like Hillary Clinton, has done nothing to take violent criminals off the street … joins Hillary Clinton in this lunacy. His get tough on crime answer is to give them driver’s licenses!

In the 40 states where law-abiding citizens have the right to carry, crime has dropped, and citizens have the means to protect themselves from criminal aliens … but not in New York!

Right to Carry Map

And if Barack Obama gets his way … not in Illinois either. When Obama was a State Senator, he sponsored a bill requiring law-abiding citizens to appear before a police chief to receive permission to purchase a gun. Obama also served on the board of directors of the Joyce Foundation, a rabid anti-gun money machine.

Obama, Schumer, Clinton, Kennedy, and Feinstein are all the same. Anti-gun politicians always pretend they can’t hear you when you ask about violent criminals and criminal laws. But with over 595,000 violent criminals already in the country, these anti-American, gun-hating politicians are actually putting American lives in danger.

Of the 595,000 foreign criminals roaming our streets, the Federal government says that approximately 226,000 have previous U.S. convictions. They average 13 prior arrests … the majority of the crimes involving shocking acts of violence and depravity.

In 2006 alone, a frightening 26,000 criminal aliens attempting to enter our country were linked to violent crimes previously committed on U.S. soil. And what was their punishment? Border agents have no power to arrest them under current law, so they send them home … giving these dangerous criminals another chance to sneak into our country to commit further crimes against Americans.

Today, we are confronting the most dangerous criminals to ever enter our homeland. Our borders can’t stop them. Our prosecutors can’t try them, and our laws say we can’t put them away for good in U.S. prisons. All we can do is send them back home, leaving them free to re-enter our country and commit more heinous crimes. And … these politicians want to leave law-abiding Americans like you and me disarmed and defenseless against their violence.

I say that a politician, or a government, that values the rights of illegal immigrants and violent criminals more than the rights of its law-abiding citizens, and actively works to suppress the rights of citizens affirmed and guaranteed under the U.S. Constitution, does not have a legitimate right to be in power and may, in fact, be guilty of crimes against the citizens of this country … including treason! And … in fact, Hillary Clinton, and her philandering husband Bill, have been associated with criminal activities and “mysterious” deaths since their days in the Governor’s mansion in Arkansas.

Obama Is No Patriot!

These left –wing, secular-progressive liberal democrats are working to make over 80 million law-abiding Americans … outlaws … with their unconstitutional assault on American rights and American sovereignty. That may truly end up being a grave mistake on their part!

14 thoughts on “Clinton & Obama Wage War On Law-Abiding American Citizens!”

  1. Yes, many politicians seek to make points going after law-abiding citizens’ guns but I have to say that the most horrendous ploy would be in times of martial law (which Bush has just made easier) the governement gets permission to take our guns. Sorry, that post-Katrina vote to NOT protect that right is much scarier than having to appear before a police chief. Then again, I make that statement as a law-abiding citizen. One is appalling, the other inconvenient.

  2. Many American citizens have forgotten that the government works for us, and that true, freedom-loving Americans vastly outnumber the left-wing, secular-progressive, liberal elitists in this country. Left-wings liberals simply have strong financial backing from the likes of George Soros, and very big mouths because they control a large segment of the nations media.

    The government will never have my permission to “get my guns,” because that would be an illegal government act ordered by a government that has chosen to ignore the “Supreme Law of the Land” … our U.S. Constitution.

    A government that chooses to ignore the Constitution is no longer a legitimate government and has lost the right to govern. It will have become a dictatorship … and I will not live under or submit to such a government.

  3. We live in society and culture that really is aware enough to recognize these issues and the divide really gets larger and larger between the governing factor and people. Gangs etc.. should not even be recognized in the streets, in neighborhoods or in prisons, period. When they put people in jail they ask them who they are repping and treat them accordingly as if it means something. It is akin to giving credence to bad behavior for a child. Some thing that shouldn’t be done. But really, gas them all , gas all the prisons at the perfect time everyone is in there.

  4. My son was robbed & murdered by a street punk in Dayton, Ohio & they spent thousands of dollars defending him & gave us nothing for grief counseling, therapy, legal fees or funeral expenses & I am a Veteran.
    The criminal justice system in America is now totally controlled by lawyers & it is their cash cow. They could care less about escalating crime & violence & now all laws have become pro-criminal, pro-prisoner,pro-convict,pro-accused,pro-lawyers income,anti-law enforcement,anti-police & anti-victim & all in the name of Civil Liberties.Everyone that has yet to be victimized are to caught up to notice. They will when they become victims. Believe me.

  5. America is no longer the “Free World”. We are being told how to live and what we can do by laws passed by Politcians. Wake up People. This is our Country. Vote them out of Office. Put American Citizen’s in office. Make them hear our voice.

  6. i think their should be guns in are homes but with all the technology we have we should be able to put them i a safe box and the only way to open it is you would have to press some kind of button that tells the police your in danger and they would open that safe box for you from their station and that should protect u till the police gets their.

  7. Thank you for our comment Judith.

    However,in light of the recorded number of times that 911 operators have screwed up and not responded correctly to emergency calls in the recent past, I don’t feel I would be willing to let some police official, who might be many miles away, determone whether or not I can access my own gun to protect myself and my family.

  8. Republicans are dumb redneck sacks of shit! Guns are only good for killing people. If people are truely concerned about their safety, they don’t need a gun, a tazer or some mace would be just fine.

  9. Dylan,

    The Second Amendment was written to insure that when the government decides to take away the same freedom of speech that allows ignorant folks such as yourself to write such silly emotion-based diatribes with out giving the issue any real thought or considering the facts, there will be some citizens with not only the will, but also the means, to stand up and defend your rights … no matter how undeserving you may be.

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