Calm Down People

By now we know that 18 people have been injured and reports are saying 5 dead in a shooting at Northern Illinois University. Ok … people calm down and take a few deep breaths. Got it under control now? Good. Let’s calmly think this over. So an individual walked into a lecture hall which can hold up to 200 people, armed with a shotgun and pistol, and opened fire.

Now I can hear the speeches already by certain “liberal” politicians who are seeking office, they will say something along the lines of “This is a great tragedy and my heart goes out to all of the people who are affected by this event.” (or something along those lines) They might even take the time to express their support for increased handgun legislation, or put forward a plan of their own that they would promise to implement as soon as they get elected. However, I am a college student, I am familiar with these type of lecture halls, and I know that If a person walked into a lecture hall on my campus and started opening fire one person from any point in that hall has an almost perfect shot to another part of that hall, so if that one person was a licensed handgun carrier and was allowed to carry on campus, then that person could help to stop a shooter before he injured many people.

As a counter to the “liberal” outburst I foresee, I would throw my support behind a Congressional bill that makes it legal for any college student, or employee to carry their legally licensed firearm on campus. As a method of enforcement, if there is a school that ignores this new law then Congress should then have the power to withdraw Federal funding from this school. I am tired of “liberals” screaming about their constitutional rights and the supposed rights of the Guantanamo detainees while ignoring the rights of actual US Citizens.  I should be able to exercise my right to defend myself, and my friends the right to defend themselves, without having to worry about getting kicked out of school for exercising our basic Constitutional rights.

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