Another Reason To End U.S. Support For The United Nations

While Rebecca Peters and the United Nations work diligently to trample the Second Amendment Rights of free American citizens, they also turn their backs on the abused Karamojong tribesmen in Uganda fighting a brutal dictatorship to keep their only means of self-defense and survival.

Under the guise of stopping arms related human rights violations, international gun ban groups are working hard to push an Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) through the United Nations. They argue that this treaty is needed because arms are often used as a tool to violate human rights.

This is true, but more often than not, the violations are perpetrated by the governments … not the citizens! The Burmese government, a military dictatorship, has been torturing and killing Buddhist monks and other pro-rights activists. Burma, by the way, has a strict gun control law dating back to 1951. The Burmese president can ban any gun by fiat, and any person caught possessing a banned gun is presumed guilty of high treason … and must prove his innocence.

Anti-Semitic UN

What the anti-gun media won’t tell you, however, is that an important goal of the Arms Trade Treaty is an international ban on the sale of arms, including components for making guns to Israel … a steadfast and long time American ally.

Nor does the anti-gun media point out that another target of the ATT is the United States … because our gun and self-defense laws are, according the UN Human Rights Commissions, a violation of international human rights. According to the UN, allowing a woman to save herself from rape by shooting the rapist is a human rights violation.

However, the most glaring omission by the anti-gun media is its complete silence about how the gun control agenda itself has so often been used as a tool and a means to violate human rights.

In the borderlands of Uganda, where cattle rustlers have become a serious problem, the Karamojong tribesmen have learned, the hard way, that cows and guns are equally indispensable – a gun needs to be readily accessible in order to protect their cattle herds.

Yoweri Museveni

Controlled by Ugandan strongman, Yoweri Museveni, the UPDF (an acronym for the wildly inaccurate title of Ugandan Peoples Defense Forces) has, at the urging of the United nations, commenced what anti-gun-lobbies euphemistically call “forced disarmament.” These “forced disarmament” techniques include rape, torture, killing, and the systematic looting and destruction of Karamojong homes.

So … let me see … according to some at the UN … and global gun-ban movements like Amnesty International, Control Arms, Oxfam and IANSA … the raping, torturing, killing and looting perpetrated by the UPFD is somehow not a violation of human rights … but the American woman who shoots a rapist to save herself from being raped is somehow violating human rights … go figure!

The UN’s new service did eventually admit, in May of 2007, that efforts to “forcibly disarm” about 20 million pastoralists in the Horn of Africa, who possess an estimated 5 million firearms, have failed … and that forcible disarmament has been an abject failure.

Karamojong Tribesman

The few UN personnel who have reported on the gross human rights abuses perpetrated by the government and the UPDF in Uganda’s gun control campaign deserve, at least, some respect. However … Amnesty International, Control Arms, Oxfam and IANSA each remain strangely silent about the issue … even though each group was hand delivered a report on the abuses at the UN gun control conference in July of 2007.

In the meantime, the UPDF continues its human rights violations of killing, rape, torture, looting, and destruction … all in the name of gun control … not only in Uganda, but now … also in Karamojong regions of Kenya.

If the true purpose of the proposed Arms Trade Treaty is protect human rights … rather than set the stage for arms embargoes against the U.S. and its ally, Israel … the ATT will need to address the problem of arms possessed by armies like the UPDF and the Burmese government, and the many human rights atrocities they commit in the name of gun control.

Cahrlton Heston

It does not seem likely that a single Karamojong man, woman or child has ever heard of former NRA President Charlton Heston … yet somehow they certainly seem to share in his sentiment: From my cold, dead hands.”

How does the United Nations justify human rights atrocities committed under the auspices of its “forced disarmament” international gun control policies and its anti-semitic policies …. and where does it think it derives the authority to take away the rights of American citizens under our own U.S. Constitution.

It is just another example of the corruption and pandering of the UN to anti-American agendas. It is time for the UN to go … the $3 billion a year the U.S. (the largest contribution of any member nation) is constantly being used against American interests … and would certainly be better spent somewhere else!

2 thoughts on “Another Reason To End U.S. Support For The United Nations”

  1. I do agree with you on all points that you listed in the above article, and I would like to suggest a course of action. Since we live in Tennessee, and there are a few gun owners in our fair state, not to mention the South in general, why not take our guns up to New York City and show the UN why the citizen masses own guns, to resist the Tyranny and oppression that the United Nations is trying to perpetrate upon the last truly free people in the world. We need to go up to NYC and chase all of those gun stealing Socialists out of our home and return The United States of America to its former greatness.

  2. I must confess that sometimes I feel like doing exactly what you suggest. However, that would simply be seen as proof by those susceptible to left-wing liberal brainwashing, that gun owners are nothing but ignorant savages.

    In the long run, I feel it is better to try and remind Americans, at the grass roots level, what it means to be an American, and to try to rebuild some of that pride in being American that Ronald Reagan was able to instill.

    There are 80 million plus legal gun owners in America. That is a sizable pressure group if they can be awakened and motivated to act.

    Thanks for the comment!


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