Fred Thompson Is The Right Man At The Right Time

Fred Thompson ‘<p><p>08

Fred Thompson, the former Republican Senator from Tennessee, is perhaps America’s brightest and most capable prospect for President in 2008. I believe this so strongly, that for the first time in my life, I have actually donated money to a presidential campaign fund.  Why do I feel so strongly about this?  Let me give you a few reasons. 

I think that there are perhaps three candidates in this race that are genuinely sincere in their intentions and are not simply driven by personal ambition. These three candidates are concerned about this country’s future and the future we will leave to our children. These candidates are Ron Paul, Barack Obama, and Fred Thompson.

The rest, in my opinion, are instead, driven by ambition, and would sell this country out in a New York minute if it would help them further their personal goals. We all know how ambitious Hillary Clinton is. Her record speaks for itself. She said it herself … American cannot afford my ideas. Do you want to talk about sky rocketing taxes?

John McCain opposed the Bush tax cuts, will certainly raise taxes, and says he is against amnesty for illegal immigrants while endorsing a plan that lets illegals stay here.

Mike Huckabee is a social liberal and will certainly raise taxes. There is also some question about his claim to hold a Theology degree. Did he lie about that?Mitt Romney was pro-choice, and is now pro-life. Will he be pro-life after he is elected? I am less concerned with which he is is, and more concerned about … flip flopping. He reminds me a lot of John Kerry. I think he is still a liberal at heart. How conservative can he really be … he was elected in Massachusetts!

Fred Thompson has been basically dismissed by the liberal press.  He has been labeled by the dutiful liberal political pundits as  lazy, lacking in fire, and unimaginative.  By attempting to dismiss Fred Thompson as a lightweight, they hope to sway shallow voters who don’t really pay attention to issues and make their decision on popularity. But, Fred Thompson is a man who knows who he is; he takes serious issues seriously and dismisses the trivial. 

How many times have we heard a candidate say “I agree with Fred Thompson?” That should give folks a clue!

Ron Paul

Like Ron Paul, who I think is well meaning, Fred Thompson is a Constitutionalist. Fred Thompson believes in the “less is more” theory of government. But unlike Ron Paul, Thompson understands that the best defense is a good offense, and that “peace through strength” is best way to keep America safe. Ron Paul’s policy of withdrawing our forces from the world scene would simply make America a sitting duck.

Thompson is the only candidate that believes in the Consitution as it is written, peace through superior firepower, cutting taxes and government spending, and securing our borders with no amnesty for illegal immigrants.

Barack Obama

Barack Obama is, I believe, sincere in his motives. But … he supports a giant welfare state and you know he will raise taxes … he will have to. He, like Ron Paul, is simply too much the idealist. How can a candidate who wants to be president of this country refuse to salute the flag of the country he wants to be president of? Doesn’t anyone else see an issue here? I want an American President who is not ashamed of patriotism … of being an American!

Many Americans probably recognize Fred Thompson as District Attorney Arthur Branch on NBC’s “Law & Order,” or maybe from one of his big-screen roles like “Hunt for Red October,”

But who is Fred Thompson really? … what are his bona fides?

Thompson earned his J.D. from Vanderbilt University in 1967, and had a private law practice. He later served as an assistant U.S. attorney. He made his reputation weeding out corruption. After his prominent role as Republican counsel during Watergate, it was Thompson’s 1977 investigation that toppled the crooked administration of Tennessee Democrat Gov. Ray “Pardon Me” Blanton.

In 1980, Thompson was chosen to serve as special counsel to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, and in 1982, special counsel to the Senate Intelligence Committee.

In 1993, Tennessee’s Republican leadership convinced Thompson to return to public service in a campaign bid to fill the vacant Senate term of then Vice President Albert Gore. In spite of all the support Bill Clinton and Al Gore gave popular six-term Democrat Rep. Jim Cooper, Thompson won a landslide victory in 1994, winning 61 percent of the vote to Cooper’s 39 percent.

Thompson’s record as a U.S. Senator clearly shows that he was on the conservative side of every important issue. As chairman of the Senate Committee on Governmental Affairs from 1997 to 2001, he voted for national-debt reduction, the all-important balanced-budget amendment to the Constitution, a presidential line-item veto to eliminate congressional pork and efforts to privatize elements of Social Security.

Thompson supported legislation in the interest of free enterprise and opposed many regulatory and tax measures. He opposed growth in social-welfare programs, including expansions in Medicare and welfare for immigrants. He supported efforts to decentralize or disenfranchise unconstitutional government programs.

Fred Thompson voted for limits on death penalty appeals, product-liability punitive-damage awards and class-action lawsuits. He opposed decreasing restrictions on wiretaps. He supported increased oil exploration, and is an advocate of free trade …. understanding the important implications for national security.

He also supported an amendment to prohibit flag burning and voted for numerous measures in support of Second Amendment rights.

On family and social issues, Thompson opposed “marriage” between homosexuals, partial-birth abortions, cloning, the addition of “sexual orientation” to hate-crimes legislation as well as legislation prohibiting discrimination based on sexual orientation. He voted for many education-reform measures, including the provision of school vouchers.

Especially important for the security of this country, Fred Thompson’s support for Operations Enduring and Iraqi Freedom was, and unlike some others … remains, steadfast. Thompson has the authoritative grasp of national-security issues necessary to be a commander in chief, particularly with respect to the long-term jihadi threat.

Fred Thompson is the man to elect in November ’08. I hope you will give him serious consideration!

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