A Surge Success Story

Despite Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s declaration last April that, “This war is lost,” the surge planned and implemented under the direction of General Petraeus is actually working quite well. While many liberal mainstream news media outlets have seemingly ignored this, Fox News has been reporting this fact for some months now. Even the Knoxville New Sentinel has finally run a front-page story on the decrease in violence around Baghdad.

However, it you want some real proof that the surge in Iraq is working, just look at a news story that appeared on the Raleigh News & Observer’s wire on Tuesday, October 16. The headline reads “Iraqi cemetery business falls.” The story, written by the journalistic team of Jay Price and Qasim Zein, describes how business, at what is believed to be the world’s largest cemetery and a place where Shiite Muslims aspire to be buried, just hasn’t been so good lately. The Raleigh News & Observer is an affiliate of the antiwar McClatchy Newspapers.

According to the story, the reduction in violence around Iraq has cut burials in the Wadi al-Salam cemetery by at least one-third over the last six months. This has dramatically cut the pay of thousands of cemetery workers who earn a living by digging graves, washing corpses, and selling burial shrouds.

With a family chanting “Death to infidel America and the agent Iraqi government” in the background, a worker named Basim Hameed commented, “Certainly, when the number of dead increases I feel happy, like all workers in the grave yard. This happiness comes from the increase in the amount of money we have.”

This loss of income for these cemetery workers due to the decline in violence is certainly a sad state of affairs. Perhaps our Democratic Congress can pause their efforts to lose the war long enough to address this issue.

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