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Are you going to be in Asheville, NC for the weekend?

Add a guided tour of spectacular Asheville waterfalls that few people get to see to your weekend agenda.

asheville waterfall tours

Carolyn Wilde is an amazing local guide. You absolutely will have a safe and wonderful time on an amazing guided excursion geared to your interests and abilities!
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Serpents Underfoot

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Serpents Underfoot (A Military Action Thriller)

JD Cordell is the son of a U.S. Army Vietnam veteran and his Vietnamese wife. A skilled martial artist and SEAL K9 handler, JD suddenly finds himself caught up in a terrorist plot orchestrated from the mountains of Iran; a plot that reaches into the highest levels of the U.S. government. When the terrorists strike close to home, for JD it suddenly becomes very personal. As a professional warrior, JD doesn’t get mad … he takes action.

Adirondack Bear Tales

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Adirondack Bear Tales (True Bear Encounters from the North Woods)

A wonderfully, charming collection of true tales taken from generations of family camping and vacationing at Raquette Lake, deep in the heart of the Adirondack Park of Upstate New York. Fun stories to read to your children or tell while sitting around the campfire. According to one reader, Adirondack Bear Tales is a superlative blend of family, nature, humor, and fright. Suitable for children of all ages!


Coming Soon!

In this up coming sequel to Serpents Underfoot, JD Cordell’s mother returns to Vietnam to find her adopted Montagnard brother, hoping he survived the war. When Mai disappears into the seedy underworld of Ho Chi Mihn City (formally Saigon), JD now retired from the U.S. Navy, travels to Vietnam accompanied by his K9 Ajax to search for her and finds himself mixed up in a war between an elusive gun runner and an ex-Viet Cong Colonel turned drug warlord. It is a dangerous situation where even a former SEAL may need a little help from some old friends.